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The Ultimate WrestleMania Card

March 27th, 2015 | by Gareth Davies

With WrestleMania 31 just around the corner, welcome to Need To Consume’s special feature putting together the ultimate WrestleMania card,

WWE’s Developmental Hell

March 26th, 2015 | by Gareth Davies

When Brock Lesnar left the WWE in 2004 it was probably written off as an isolated incident. After all, despite

Roman Reigns Ruined?

January 13th, 2015 | by Gareth Davies

Did you ever hear the story of the “Mega Man” Tom Magee? There’s no disputing that in his prime Magee

WWE Summerslam 2014 Predictions

August 16th, 2014 | by Gareth Davies

Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to Need To Consume’s first ever PPV prediction piece! With WWE’s second biggest show of year

Network Failure

August 9th, 2014 | by Gareth Davies

Can the WWE Network be saved? Or is it a case of history repeating itself? It was supposed to be

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