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10 Perfect Fancastings We’ll Never Have

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Fancasting – the process of mentally casting your ideal actor/actress to a fictional character, regardless of whether they have an upcoming movie or not.

Thus, a list of my current top ten fancastings. They’re fancastings we need… But we’ll never have.

1. Cyborg – Terry Crews

Cyborg Terry Crews

Anyone who has watched both Teen Titans, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, knows this role was made for Terry. Not only is he physically perfect, but his attitude, acting and comedy style are on point. Please, DC. Please.

2. Harley Quinn – Brittany Murphy

Harley Quinn Brittany Murphy

The late Brittany Murphy — another impossibly perfect fancast that we’ll truly never see. Consider her role as Shellie in Sin City. Now imagine her plastered in the tell-tale make-up, brandishing a bloody weapon, and cooing “Mistah J!” It’s the role she was meant for! RIP, Brittany Murphy. 🙁

3. Batman – Keanu Reeves

Batman Keanu Reeves

I know, I know – hear me out, okay!? Go and watch John Wick. Come back and tell me that isn’t a Batman movie. Man is wronged. Man seeks violent revenge. Thats Batman! I’ve had a few people tell me that Keanu Reeves’ acting is ‘very one note’… Well so is Batman!? I don’t think theres a more ‘one note’ comic book character in existence. Plus, Reeves has the suaveness to pull off a handsome, charismatic Bruce Wayne (something Christian Bale lacked somewhat,) as well as the dark, sultry thing necessary for Batman. Bulk him up a bit, and we’d have an ideal caped crusader.

4. Black Canary – Natalie Dormer

Black Canary Natalie Dormer

Why has no-one cast Natalie Dormer in a superhero movie yet!?! The woman exudes comic goddess realness, especially with those fierce features. She’d be perfect for Black Canary, equal parts sexy femme fatale and powerful ass-kicker. Dormer would be perfect for the role, especially given the attitude she’s shown as as Cressida in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, and Margaery Tyrell in Game Of Thrones.

5. Spider-Man – Logan Lerman

Spiderman Logan Lerman

I will never let this go. Logan Lerman would have been a perfect Spider-Man. I wrote a whole article on the subject. He would have been spot on in every way – appearance, age, body shape and size, acting chops. Seriously, watch Fury and The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, then tell me you don’t want this dude in a Marvel picture. But for now, we have Tom Holland cast as our Peter Parker. The only repreive is knowing Lerman is free to be cast in another superhero movie – perhaps a young Nova?

6. Hawkeye – Charlie Hunnam

Hawkeye Charlie Hunnam

I’ve already written about our need for Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye run to make it to TV… And if it did? Charlie Hunnam. It’s gotta be Charlie! After a wildly successful run with Sons Of Anarchy, and a cracking performance in Pacific Rim, Hunnam would be a logical choice for the smart-ass archer. Sarcastic, rouge-ish charm can be delivered by him in spades. Alternatively, he’d make a pretty spot on John Constantine, (plus, he’s English, so y’know. Accent.)

7. Power Girl – Jennifer Lawrence

Power Girl Jennifer Lawrence

It’s about time PG made it to the big screen, (although perhaps featuring a slightly dialed-down outfit…!) Who better to take up the mantle, than Buzzfeed favourite, Jennifer Lawrence. She’s got the perfect face (like seriously, check out the similarities!,) looks great with a cropped blonde cut, and her performances in The Hunger Games, American Hustle and Silver Linings: Playbook prove she’s got the acting chops to bring depth to the character. Buff her up a little bit, and she’d be a fantastic Power Girl.

8. Squirrel Girl – Carrie Mulligan

Squirrel Girl Carrie Mulligan

Ryan North and Erica Henderson’s current run of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is wonderful. Now picture Carrie Mulligan in that adorable little furry outfit and ears. ITS A THING I NEED. I’m a total Mulligan fangirl, and not only is she super cute, but she’s quite the actress. She’d be great alongside the current, or even future, roster of Avengers, as the over-excited, passionate and bubbly Doreen.

9. She-Hulk – Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline Christie She Hulk

She’s 6 ft 3″. She’s bad ass as hell. She plays Brienne Of Tarth in Game Of Thrones. She’s beautiful. Do you need any more reasons!? It would also be particularly awesome to have a She-Hulk who’s authentically tall – no camera trickery means an actress who is really imposing, not to mention physically correctly proportioned around the other characters. Christie bulked up would be truly incredible, a real life She Hulk, and someone who could go toe to toe with most of the Avengers’ bad guys. We’re also in dire need of more female superheroes in our movies… Gwendoline Christie as She-Hulk would be awesome, especially after her upcoming role in the new Star Wars movies.

10. Dazzler – Abbie Cornish

Dazzler Abbie Cornish

Many of you won’t be familiar with Abbie Cornish. I fell in love with her in Candy, a movie in which she stars alongside the late Heath Ledger, and gives an exceptional performance as a drug addict. She also stars in Suckerpunch, as Sweet Pea. She’s super talented, gorgeous and would be more than capable of portraying Dazzler. It’s a role that could be all fun and sass, light-hearted with potential for a truly unique performance from Cornish. She’s exceptional in Candy, I have no doubt she’d absolutely nail a run as the sparkly mutant. Also, isn’t that facial likeness just perfect!?!

What do you think? Do you have any fancastings in mind that you’d love to see one day? Do you agree/disagree with my ones? Let us know in the comments below!

Holly Ringsell

Holly Ringsell

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  • Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous, but she’s missing two big somethings to be able to play Power Girl.

  • NTB

    Natalie Dormer for Desire of the Endless.

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