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Alex + Ada #6 Review

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It opens with a scene almost identical to the opening page of issue 1, except the focus is on Ada waking up to her new life instead of Alex. She is at the start of her journey in the same way he was six months ago.

The mundane routine of breakfast is once again played out in a similar vain to our first encounter with Alex but Ada sits in his place. She is unsure of what to do, how to behave and it takes her time to accept that this is her new life. The busy, conversation heavy script shows us how hard Alex is working to make Ada feel at home and as a reader you find yourself urging her to try the vast breakfast menu that has been laid out before her. There is an uncomfortable atmosphere which you are wishing to break as much as Alex and when that moment comes I challenge anyone not to laugh out loud. It’s a tension relieving moment brilliantly designed by the creators that allows the reader to relax into the rest of the issue.


The unfolding breakfast scene also highlights the change in Alex’s character. If you’ve been reading from the beginning it’s interesting to compare this new man to the drab, hopeless human being we were  introduced to in issue 1. He has come so far in a short space of time and fills the reader with optimism. It’s possible that this man can help Ada blossom in her new life, where as the previous Alex would have given up so easily.

Sarah Vaugh has crafted a wonderful script full of emotion. It contains elements of comedy, edge of the seat tension, an uncomfortable feeling bordering on embarrassment and some truly heart warming scenes. This is a lot to cram into a story set primarily in one location.

There is also a strong feeling of loneliness which is where the Artwork really comes into play. The simplicity of three panels which illustrate the breaking morning provokes a powerful emotional response. And it is this simplicity which Jonathan Luna has used to great affect so far in this series. There is an almost dead pan tone to the art work that is reminiscent of the Coen Brothers best movies and this makes the story more engaging. Simple things become very important, just stepping out of the house into a small square garden is an adventure rife with dangers and excitement.

It’s true that Alex+Ada is not going to appeal to everyone. It’s a slow moving , human drama which hints at a philosophical ideal about what it means to be human and alive but it is also an easily accessible love story. It might not have the wonderful outer space setting and brilliantly ludicrous aliens that fill the pages of Saga but at its centre it has the same heart. It’s about two people growing to know and love each other.

The first Trade for this is due out soon and, as I have stated, this is the start of a new arc, so this is a great time to jump on board and meet both Alex and Ada.

Title: Alex + Ada

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna

Art: Jonathan Luna

Alex + Ada issue 6 is a clever companion piece to issue 1 and marks the start of the second story arc.



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