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Alex+Ada #10 – Review

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Emily and Teji are shocked to find Ada on their doorstep, her power depleted. They take her in and help her but in her desperate situation, Ada is not able to hide her sentience.  Ada doesn’t want Emily to call Alex because she doesn’t want to get him involved in her ‘running away’. However, Teji knows what’s best for both of them and under the pretence of walking the dog he calls Alex.

Elsewhere Alex is having his own dilemma, his ex girlfriend Claire has turned up to collect some ‘things’ but also try to reconcile and even reignite their relationship. Alex realises that Claire is only there because she has failed to move on and is looking for an easy option and for a moment he is tempted. The prospect of a relationship to fall back into is almost too easy for both of them but Alex has changed through his experiences with Ada so he knows that it’s a bad idea. As he’s telling Claire he receives the call from Teji and rushes out the door.

When Alex and Ada are reunited it doesn’t take long for Alex to lose his composure and take Ada into his arms.

alex and ada insert

Revelations and recompense are the aim of the game this month as Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn move Alex and Ada’s relationship to a new level. The process starts by showing how each character has changed over the previous months and the affect that they have had on each other. When the reader first met Alex he was withdrawn from the world, had no self esteem and he would instantly have taken his ex girlfriend back. You could use the word ‘pining’ and wouldn’t have been wrong but now, faced with an almost desperate Claire, he has matured enough to realise that their relationship ended for a reason and there would be nothing to gain by taking the easy option and getting back together. This is not the Alex we met in the pages of issue 1.

Where this issue stands out for the previous 9 is during the text free sequence when the couple actually get together. It’s a moment that I’m sure most readers were expecting and even hoping for but when it actually happens here, it’s deeply moving and personal. The passion and closeness displayed is in contrast to a lot of the distance used to separate most of the characters in this series. I think it is at this point that as a reader you really notice how little  physical contact there has been between the central characters, or in fact most of the characters. This change of pace is beautifully illustrated by Vaughn and is very naturalistic, as is the post coital conversation that they have. It’s as if, for the first time, they are comfortable with it each other.

And then the ending, oh the ending….


Title: Alex + Ada

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna

Art: Jonathan Luna




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