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Alex+Ada #11 – Review

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It’s the morning after and Ada wakes with a jolt. During the night she has experienced something new, something she doesn’t understand and it has nothing to do with what Alex did.

Ada had a dream.

And so the scene is set for some philosophical musings and the tension builds at an ever increasing rate.

Ada shows Alex her dream: the two of them are sat, quietly on a row boat in a massive ocean of vivid blue. At first Alex tries to dismiss it as part of Ada’s functioning but before they can discuss it too much the conversation shifts to their immediate future.

Ada visits the online safe haven to search for further assistance but it’s virtually empty and when she does find someone to speak to they have some bad news for her. She see’s the news story relating to the incident in the park and her face is featured fairly prominently. Ada and Alex view the footage and Alex convinces the nervous AI that it’s too blurry for anyone to recognise her. Their discussion is interrupted by an electronic invitation to Teji’s ‘New Leg’ party which the couple reluctantly attend. However, if the scene at the party is awkward and uncomfortable, what happens the following day while Alex is at work is nerve shattering for Ada.

Alex Ada 11 insert

Vaughn and Luna have piled this issue with confrontations and dilemma’s for the central characters. After month’s of the slow moving, yet engaging, human drama surrounding the awakenings of both Alex and Ada, this issue sees others peoples reactions to the couples relationship and unfortunately for them, some of those reactions are very negative. The concept of sentience  is at the heart of these confrontations: one is an argument about showing affection for an unthinking machine while the other questions Ada’s emotional responses.

I don’t want to give too much away but this issue creates some amazing scenes of tension and there is a definite feeling that the story is building towards something really dramatic. In fact the end of this issue is one of the best cliffhanger endings so far in this run and throws Alex and Ada’s situation up in the air. There are a number of possible out comes and there is no way of knowing what direction these lovers lives will take.


Title: Alex + Ada

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna

Art: Jonathan Luna



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