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Alex+Ada #7 – Comic Review

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The electronic cat is out of the bag. Unfortunately Ada’s meeting with the neighbour does not go at all well and it isn’t long before everyone in the neighbourhood knows about the Android on the block.

Alex’s initial and natural reaction is to hide, to retreat into the technological world available to him at home but the sterile, empty world is exactly what they have been trying to escape from since making Ada sentient. But is dinner with Grandma really the answer?

Sarah Vaughn uses this issue to portray a range of different views relating to the Androids in the world she has created. The ‘nosey neighbour’ is a simple narrative device which enables a selection of characters to naturally discuss their opinions without the need for a forced info dump. The one thing that becomes clear is that virtually nobody is fighting the A.I.’s side. There is concern and worry for Alex and even a grotesque suggestion from a perverted neighbour but it all goes to highlight the fact that the Androids are less than human; servants, machines or even lower. No-one trusts an Android and there is a large section of society that doesn’t want them near their home.

Ada has been woken into this world with an understanding that is more potent and more in tune with the world around than most of the humans so far introduced in the story. She is the one who finds the Virtual Reality less real than it should be, she notices the lack of wind, the absence of people and the unnatural quiet.

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It is the subtleties of the art and script in this series that makes it so much fun to read. There is a line spoken by Alex’s grandmother that is a perfectly timed piece of comedy. It’s placement on the page, in the art and in the script, is meticulous. A panel earlier or later and the joke wouldn’t be as funny.

Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn plan each issue out so well that the reading experience flows effortlessly from the front cover to the back. It’s not high octane action but it is the very pinnacle of science fiction drama. The story touches on elements of racism, slavery, enlightenment and birth but at the heart of the tale is Ada’s awakening and how this affects her relationship with Alex. With each issue this story gets more intense and more emotional. At the moment it’s difficult to see where the story might go, the ending of this issue would seem to suggest a turn of events which can mean nothing but heartache for the title characters but anything is possible and there is a vast world still to explore outside of Alex’s close knit life.

Alex + Ada 7 feture

Title: Alex+Ada

Publisher: Image Comics

Writers: Sarah Vaughn/Jonathan Luna

Artist: Jonathan Luna



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