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The Best Comics You Aren’t Reading: Space Riders

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A ragtag crew of misfits led by a relentless captain take to the stars to deal justice all over the galaxy. What could be so special about that, right?

But wait: what if the starship is shaped like a human skull? What if the captain – correction – capitan is a rugged space cowboy with a toilet for a mouth? What if the crew is a sexy robot, a spiritual baboon, and a one-eyed mess-talking monster? What if the galaxy smells like moonshine, sounds like Monster Magnet, and looks like it came straight out of Jimi Hendrix’s wardrobe?

You get Fabian Rangel and Alexis Ziritt’s Space Riders.

Space Riders
Forget what you know about space. Forget sparkly monochromatic stars and phallic starships slowly floating into the void. Forget little green men and sentient space goo. Trade it in for space deserts, galactic whales, and fuzzed out stoner riffs. Hold on to your butts, this is f**kin Space Riders.

It’s rare to find a comic that’s so confident in its storytelling and art style. The creators unapologetically slap the reader in the face with a surprisingly shelled-out universe right out the gate. Issue one does a fantastic job of setting the tone through the art and colors of Alexis Ziritt.

Rangel’s writing makes no masturbatory attempt to explain the universe or point out how special or different it is. The characters are fully-immersed in their world, which works to ground the reader in this anything-but-grounded comic. We stop asking questions rather quickly and strap in for the ride almost immediately.

The story is satisfying in its simplicity. Despite being straightforward, Rangel doesn’t talk down to you nor does he take himself too seriously. It’s sense of self awareness makes it instantly accessible. Even though the story is tongue-in-cheek for the most part, no corners were cut on Alexis Ziritt’s end.

Space Riders
Ziritt’s art is nothing short of fantastic. The use of color and page layout are constantly manipulated for effect and the splash pages are some of the best I’ve seen in general, let alone this year. The vivid colors and strong tones are an adventure on their own, taking the reader’s eyeballs on an acid trip through space.

Space Riders is an immersive world that reminds us why we love comics. We embrace the ridiculous, accept the impossible, and mold ourselves into the world and logic of a new and welcoming universe. We allow ourselves to be fully absorbed without an inkling of desire to look back. Most of all, it’s fun. Rangel and Ziritt have truly crafted an unforgettable piece of art with Space Riders. The only thing I didn’t enjoy about this series is the fact that it ends.

Or does it?

Space Riders Volume 1: Vengeful Universe is in stores now.

Title: Space Riders
Publisher: Black Mask
Writer: Fabian Rangel, Jr
Artist: Alexis Zrritt

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