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Bill And Ted #1 Review

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Most Triumphant Return

Bill and Ted are going back to the future….oh no, franchise mash!

Get your ‘Dudes’ and your ‘Excellents’ dusted off and ready as all the characters from the two classic movies are winging their way back into the world in a new comic from Boom! Studios.

Bill and Ted’s Most Triumphant Return does exactly what it says on a tin: it has a Bill, it has a Ted and there is indeed a triumphant return. The story follows on directly from the second movie with the Wyld Stallyn’s having just won the 1991 Battle of the Bands. Immediately they are being harassed for a second single and they instantly feel the pressure. The band, with Death, Station et all, hide out in the boys pad and fret over their future but a visit from a future class studying Bill and Ted 101 fill them with a new confidence. Unfortunately it doesn’t fill them with an ideas.

Another visitor from the future, Rufus, gives them the idea to travel forward in time to find out what they did in the past and then travel back to the past to do it, so to speak.

Bill and Ted #1 insert 2

The paradoxes are mind bending and the wonderful conceit of travelling back in time to set up what they need in the present after they’ve used what has been set up in the past, works as brilliantly in the comic as it did at the end of the second film.

Brian Lynch captures the voices of the Wyld Stallyn’s and their cohorts perfectly, you can hear the voices of Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves in your head as you read their youthful 1990’s slacker speech. Death is especially brilliant and, if there was a way, I would get William Sadler to stand behind me and read Death’s lines over my shoulder.

The script itself references the movies constantly, in fact the first joke on page one is a direct reference to the end of the second movie. The draw back to this is that newbies to Bill and Ted might feel like they have missed out on something and that is a problem with a number of these movie tie in comics. Having said that there is enough funny stuff going on in this comic that it’s easy for anyone to pick up and dive right in.

It’s totally non bogus.

Bill and Ted #1 insert 1

The artwork is fittingly comical and the representations of the central characters are enough like the actors to be recognisable but cartoony enough to be manipulated for the sake of humour. There is a varied pallet full of bold, primary colours that brings the 90’s aesthetic into the 21st century and it’s refreshing to see. The whole artistic approach gives the comic an attractive appeal and screams out FUN!

The additional story by Ryan North and Ian McGinty has a quirkier feel and is an excellent companion piece to the central story. The main premise of this story also highlights how much has changed since the second film was released – the fact that neither Bill nor Ted knew anything about e-mails. The technology may have changed over the years but the humour is still as relevant.

Basically, Bill and Ted are back and it’s about time….argh, more franchise mashing!

Bill and Ted #1 cover

Title: Bill and Ted’s Most Triumphant Return

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Writer: Brian Lynch

Pencils: Jerry Gaylord

Inks: Jerry & Penelope Gaylord

Colours: Whitney Cogar

Additional Story: Ryan North and Ian McGinty



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