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Birthright #6 Review

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The new arc of Birthright starts with a nightmare and as four panel nightmares go, it’s a very disturbing one. It represents all the insecurities, guilt and regrets that Mikey is living with and serves as a nudging reminder of the first arc.

birthright 6 insert 1

And the aggression on Mikey’s face when he wakes and thrusts a knife at Brennan’s throat sums up Mikey at this point in the story. He’s the barbarian from a fantasy world and doesn’t understand the weaknesses in his older brother.

This month Joshua Williamson is taking a moment to reintroduce the characters, placing them squarely in their current situation so that the reader knows just where everyone is at. Mikey and Brennan are hiding out attempting to bond but their worlds are so far apart. Aaron is resilient in his belief but feels he has failed as a father. Wendy wants her son back.

birthright 6 insert 2

Williamson also uses this issue to introduce a whole host of new characters and intrigues. First up is Agent Kylen from the National Security Agency. He’s a hardnosed, no nonsense, take no shit kind of a guy and he’s come to inform Aaron that Mikey is no longer a ‘missing person’ case but he is being dealt with as a threat (and not surprising really!). Then there’s the mysterious couple in Terrenos who are calling forth trouble.

But the most interesting aspect of this issues narrative is Mikey’s character as we start to see him for the cold hearted, senseless killer that he has become in the years he’s spent in Terrenos. There is a touching moment where he manages to calm a rampaging bear but what he does next is as disturbing as the nightmare that opened the issue.

birthright 6 insert 3

Williamson has crafted a clever character piece which resembles the first issue more than any of the issues in between. By the end of the last arc the story had become an action/fantasy tale and had lost a little of the depth of character that made the first issue so outstanding. However some of that has been reclaimed here and this is the best issue since the first. Bressan’s art has also taken a grotesque turn with some horrific images, both supernatural and other: Mikey holding a knife to Brennan’s throat is an unnerving image but beautifully coloured. There is real hatred in Mikey’s face and horror in Brennans.

This new arc has started off well, nearly as well as the first arc, and promises some interesting developments to come. It may have lost some of the 80’s movie nostalgia it started with but it is still worth sticking with although I would recommend not reading it last thing at night.


Title: Birthright

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Andrei Bressan




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