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Cannibal #1 Review

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Infected with a 100-year-old yellow fever from the oldest mosquitoes ever, the human victims of the South-Eastern United States seem normal – except they crave human flesh! This is the early days of the pandemic though and the small Florida town of Willow is about to experience their first… Cannibal!

Jennifer Young, Brian Buccellato and Matias Bergara’s new series Cannibal gets off to an excellent start with an instantly enthralling first issue.

It does feel a lot like the beginning of a zombie story, which is a genre that’s beyond saturated at this point, but this one stands out for a couple of reasons. The first is the nuanced perspective of the infected still possessing a conscience but acting on uncontrollable, murderous instincts – you see the horror of what’s happening not just in the victim’s eyes but in the cannibal’s too!


The second is the strength of the creative team’s work. You immediately get a sense of place with the beautiful and primal setting of the swamps thanks to Bergara’s gritty but compelling art. And then you’re drawn straight into Young/Buccellato’s story as a cannibal attacks and kills a young boy! It’s exciting stuff with a swiftly moving plot as a lynch mob of locals forms to hunt down the cannibal.  

The leads characters – Cash and Grady Hansen, two brothers in their 20s/30s – aren’t the most distinctive personalities but you’re still instantly immersed in their world and effortlessly carried along as you watch their quiet lives begin to unravel. The cast as a whole aren’t anything special – yet – but they are convincing as people and I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ll change with the cannibal threat. Young/Buccellato are doing what The Walking Dead does so well and focusing on using the threat of the virus to develop the characters.

Cannibal #1 is a great read with an attention-grabbing and well-defined story that’s hopefully the start of a fun and entertaining ride (and potential TV show) – well worth checking out for fans of apocalyptic comics.  


Publisher: Image

Writers: Jennifer Young, Brian Buccellato

Artist: Matias Bergara

Colourist: Brian Buccellato

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