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DC Rebirth: Five Things Which Caught Our Eye

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At Wondercon this past weekend, DC Comics revealed the details of their Rebirth event coming this June. The majority of their comics will be renumbered back to #1, with a number of comics switching to twice-monthly shipping. Action Comics and Detective Comics will be returning to their classic numbering – #957 and #934, respectively.

Some of you will be thinking “Didn’t we do this a year ago?” which is fair. They had the Convergence event, and then spinning out of that was DC You, the big diversification of the line, shaking up the status quo in the big titles and creating a lighter, more representative and inclusive range of comics. So what happened there? Low sales, to put it bluntly. The big names still sold, but the likes of Midnighter, Black Canary, Starfire et al just didn’t catch on. So with Rebirth DC are doubling down on what they know works, which is a bit of a downer if like me your interests tend towards the lesser lights. That said, there are some interesting looking comics out there, so let’s run down five big announcements which caught my eye.


Greg Rucka is back on Wonder Woman

Six years after announcing his abrupt departure from DC at Wondercon, over his not getting to write the upcoming Wonder Woman: Earth One graphic novel (Grant Morrison got it instead), Greg Rucka returned to the fold as the writer of the new twice-monthly Wonder Woman comic, with a return to full-time superhero art duties for the fantastic Liam Sharp.


Ted Kord returns in Blue Beetle

It’s been eleven years since DC killed off Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle, in Countdown to Infinite Crisis. In the interim, new character Jaime Reyes has taken over the identity in a great series spinning out of Infinite Crisis and a dismal series in The New 52, whilst Ted has periodically made appearances during the time-travelling antics of Booster Gold down the years. With Rebirth, Ted Kord will be making his return, mentoring Jaime in his role as Blue Beetle, with Keith Giffen writing a Blue Beetle he co-created in Jaime and one he reinvented in Ted, and Scott Kolins on art.


Scott Snyder is working with EVERYBODY on All-Star Batman

Rumour had it that, with Greg Capullo leaving Batman after issue #50, Scott Snyder was going to move onto Detective Comics after Rebirth. That turned out not to be the case, as Snyder is instead teaming up with a plethora of star artists to deliver All-Star Batman, a twice-monthly book going through the greatest rogues gallery in comic history, with each artist getting a villain which suits their particular talents. June will start with John Romita Jr drawing a Two-Face story, with Jock, Sean Murphy, Paul Pope, Tula Lotay and many more to follow.


Terry McGinnis is back as Batman Beyond

This one’s been bugging me for a fair while now. In DC’s weekly series The New 52: Futures End, ever-popular Batman Beyond Terry McGinnis was killed off, with the first ever Batman Beyond series set in the main DC universe instead starring former Robin Tim Drake in the post-apocalyptic future from Futures End, rather than Terry McGinnis having fun adventures in Neo-Gotham like it should have. Well, Beyond fans everywhere rejoice, Terry is back in black in September, with Dan Jurgens and Bernard Chang continuing as writer and artist. Hopefully the comic will be able to smile again.


Is the New 52 Superman dead?

For those who haven’t been reading it, Dan Jurgens has been doing an excellent miniseries called Superman: Lois and Clark dealing with the pre-New 52 Superman and Lois Lane, who after the events of Convergence have ended up on the new prime Earth. We’ve seen from preview art that Lex Luthor will be taking on the role of Superman, and the solicits make a lot of mention of the pre-New 52 Superman, but none of the outed Clark Kent of this universe. It’s also been hinted at that there is going to be a major character death in the 80-page Rebirth one-shot. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that a lot of this is going to hinge on the new Superman dying, and the old one stepping out of the shadows to take his place.

So that’s what’s intriguing me at the moment. DC will doubtless have a lot more announcements over the coming months, before it all kicks off with DC Universe Rebirth on the 25th of May. Hopefully this one sticks, and hopefully we get some kick-arse superhero comics out of it.

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