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Death Vigil #1 – Comic Review

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It’s Halloween and Samuel Lewis decides to be a hero but his actions have dire consequences.

When he witnesses a mugging in progress he steps in believing the Police Officer costume that he is wearing will scare the mugger off and all will be well. Unfortunately, the mugger has a very real gun and uses it to aid his escape. Sam is mortally wounded and he feels his life slip away but when Death turns up she makes him an offer he can’t refuse. He joins the Death Vigil: “An Ancient League of Immortal Protectors burdened with duty of preventing the primordial enemy from escaping the underplane of existence and devouring all life.”

Death Vigil insert 1

The story then jumps forward 12 years and reintroduces Sam, now in his experienced role as The Digger. The War is taking its toll and Sam is getting frustrated at the way everything is turning out. He takes his disillusionment out on a group of faux Occultists who are attempting to rise up some evil demon and, after reading them the riot act, Bernadette The Reaper (Aka Death) turns up to share more bad news.

It’s not until the real Necromancer turns up that the action really begins and a whole host of demonic creatures and gateways and powerful souls are unleashed upon the reader. It’s at this point that Stjepan Sejic’s comic really hooks you and drags you in. He fashions a cute love story around two characters, Jon and Clara, with some sweet and touching moments before tearing their world apart. The script, especially at this point, is fast paced with some clever and funny dialogue. The move from the loved up couple section of the narrative to the demon rising/fighting part is quite shocking and the design of the pages changes to illustrate the shift in tempo. Sejic uses the panels well with some inserts, uneven sizing and a changing page structure. The art work itself is strong and emotional with very well developed character designs.

Death Vigil insert 2

Sejic has obviously put a lot into this comic, working on every aspect of the production, and has managed to produce a captivating, witty and aesthetically exciting first issue. There are a host of characters and ideas introduced in this opening salvo, all of which should have readers coming back for more, if for no other reason than to see the banter between Sam and The Raven.


Title: Death Vigil

Publisher: Image

Writer/Artist: Stjepan Sejic



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