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Death Vigil #2 – Comic Review

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Clara is inducted into The Vigil and her experience reminds Sam of his first day of being undead.

This issue, like the previous one, opens at the scene of Sam’s death where he sits and watches as the police/medics clear up after the shooting. Bernardette explains a little about the offer she is making, giving away hints as to what it means to be a part of The Death Vigil but Sam can smell a rat: he knows that there is a cost but still he willingly accepts her offer.

In the present Clara also accepts the offer and, in a wonderful double page spread, they are given their weapons forged from their most powerful memories. Clara isn’t impressed by her feather but as the old saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword.

Meanwhile, James and Marlene, two other members of the Vigil family, are in the middle of a confrontation with Slippery Simon, someone who boasts about being able to kill one of them. And with his new Sigil (a demonic creature of power) he might actually be in with a chance.

In this issue the reader is introduced to a few more of the Vigil members and what they can do, there is also a brief history of the Death Vigil and its purpose in the grand scheme of things. This page, with the flowing 3D playing cards, is brilliantly realised and allows a great amount of information to be relayed to the reader in a beautiful way.

death vigil 2 insert

The narrative is focused for the most part on a kind of origin story, combining Sam’s historical joining with Clara’s present induction. This is a neat little idea which enables the writer to not only introduce the two central characters but also illustrate the new world that they have both been born into. By having the 12 year time difference between the two inductions but showing them at the same time, it’s possible to see how the Vigil have changed, or in some ways not changed, over that time.

Stjepan Sejic has crafted a script that flits between serious and mournful to light and funny in an instant. It’s a joy to read and even the bad puns serve to further the character development. There is a wonderfully rich story unfolding which has the breadth of some of the best Manga titles that have been released in recent years. The style of art is also Japanese inspired which suits the story being told: there is something about Bernie that reminds me of a prettier version of Ryuk from Deathnote, perhaps it’s the sense of humour.

If the first issue of Death Vigil hooked you in then this one will just further envelope you in its gothic design and offbeat humour. And if you missed the first issue, don’t worry, it’s easy to pick up what’s going on from this issue alone, but get on board soon because you don’t want to miss much more. This is an enthralling comic that’s full of action and suspense and grotesque demon creatures, and I highly recommend it.


Title: Death Vigil

Publisher: Top Cow Productions

Writer/Artist: Stjepan Sejic




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