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Death Vigil #5 – Review

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The constantly changing face of evil is coerced into waging war on the Vigil by a woman whose motives aren’t fully known and all hell is literally unleashed on the world.

There is an air of desperation around Maria as she enters the Necropolis to speak to the Abyss however she retains her composure and manages to have the leader of evil at a disadvantage. With a touch of clever bargaining she wrangles what she wants from the demon who agrees to destroy the Veilrippers in a full frontal attack thus procuring the Scythe to exchange for the Dream Codex. Everything falls into place for Maria and she leaves having made the deal that she wanted. But this is Evil and there are layers below the layers and still much more to be revealed.

death vigil 5 insert 1

Meanwhile, back at Vigil Mansion, it’s just another day in the life of the dead. Clara has fit snugly into the Veilripper family and she has an abundance of confidence.  Combined with an inquisitive nature, she begins to engage in ‘girl talk’ to find out what the score is with Mia and Heinrich. It turns out Heinrich was a 13th century French Scholar who became involved with a brotherhood of Necromancers. At first he fought against the Vigil but as he began to learn some of the Necromancer’s secrets his allegiances change but his previous actions drive a wedge between him and Bernie. Oh, and there was the whole sacrificing his daughter to turn her into a massive demon in order to save her life incident.

As Mia and Clara talk news come in of strange creatures attacking cities all over the world. The demons have made their move and revealed themselves forcing the Veilrippers into battle. And just wait until you see Heinrich and Mia in battle, it’s an amazing and terrifying transformation.

death vigil 5 insert 2

Stjepan Sejic has produced another outstanding issue full of everything that you should now be expecting from this modern Gothic horror story. He manages to blend the demonic world with its grotesque monsters and the ‘ordinary’ family life of the Vigil seamlessly together. Not since Joss Whedon released Buffy The Vampire Slayer into the world has such a mix being so dynamic and enjoyable. It’s all about balance and Sejic keeps his scales level. In fact Maria feels like she could easily be a villain/hero in one of Whedon’s TV shows. She is complex and smart, playing the game as well, if not better, than everyone around her. She has an unwavering devotion to her own agenda and in this issue Sejic shows us many different aspects of her character: she is strong in the face of evil, she lords it over the lesser demons but she breaks down when she witnesses what she has unleashed on the world. Maria is without doubt the star of this issue, from a character point of view.

death vigil 5 insert 3

However, this month the artwork is the real star of the show. The Big Bad in the Necropolis and Mia’s transformation are magnificently illustrated with excellent design work. The demons are outlandish, form shifting monstrosities unlike anything else currently rearing their ugly mugs in comics. In fact they remind me of the twisted fish like beasties from the Korean film Gwoemul (The Host) from 2006, and just like that film, Sejic isn’t afraid of having his creatures front and centre hogging the limelight.

If you’ve read any of previous reviews you’ll know that I’m loving this title. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the first issue and I was pleasantly surprised by the humorous and entertaining script. And each month since, Sejic has managed to surprise me, entertain me and, on occasions, gross me out.


Title: Death Vigil

Publisher: Image

Writer/Artist: Stjepan Sejic



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