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Demoncon Q&A with Kurtis Wiebe And Dan Abnett

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This past weekend saw The Grinning Demon host Demoncon 9, a comic con in Maidstone. From it’s humble beginnings in a coffee shop, Demoncon has grown to become a real gem of con. The real draw for it’s ninth incarnation was that Kurtis Wiebe (Ratqueens, Peter Panpanzerfaust) and Dan Abnett (Guardians Of The Galaxy, Doctor Who, Warhammer 40k) were going to sit and chat for a couple of hours with fans who opted for VIP tickets. We were lucky enough to go along and the guys over at Hat Day Films were on hand to film the event.

Demoncon 9

It was a fantastic and unique opportunity to sit with two writers at very different stages in their career. Dan is, well, a legend really. He has written for: the “Big 2”, created his own titles, is pretty much integral to the British comic book scene over the last twenty years and so much more. Kurtis is only four or five years in but is already making a huge name for himself. They both had fantastic stories to tell about their experiences with publishers, editors and other people in the industry. I’m hoping we can put out the full two hour Q&A at some point but below you will find some of the highlights where Dan happily talks about: Guardians Of The Galaxy and other writer’s taking over characters he was writing, where Kurtis talks about the real people behind the Rat Queens and what the future holds of the awesome foursome.

It’s worth noting that we were able to sit down on the Sunday after Demoncon for a nice chat with Kurtis and his partner Shannon. Sadly, the Podcast Gods were against us and the audio isn’t usable. The couple were incredibly funny and insightful, talking about Star Wars: Imperial Assault, online dating via Plenty Of Fish, divorce and much more. I wish we could have brought you that podcast as it was a lot of fun to do and both Kurtis and Shannon are super interesting people.

You can find Kurtis’ book here and a selection of Dan’s here. Both of these authors deserve your time and money and I hope we get to see them again real soon. We continue to cover all the best cons in the UK and we will be at Demoncon 10 (ooh, I hope they call it Demoncon X) in September for more awesome shenanigans!

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