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Doctor Who (11th) – Comic Review

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Can you imagine a situation where The Doctor and David Bowie (circa 1960’s) gate crash the set of the Crossroads movie (staring Ralph Macchio and Steve Vai) in a supped up yellow hummer? Well you don’t have to because Rob Williams and Simon Fraser show you what it might look like in issue 3 of the Eleventh Doctor’s adventures.

The Doctor takes Alice back to 1962 to see her late mother’s favourite rock star in one of his first appearances. John Jones’ shows are the stuff of legend so the nervous, uncharismatic, bland man muttering into the microphone is a monumental let down. To recompense The Doctor whisks Alice back to meet Robert Johnson instead but unbeknownst to them John Jones has hitched a lift.

Back in Mississippi 1931 not all is well because Serveyouinc has got there first and a tall, thin bearded alien called The Talent Scout has enslaved a town of music lovers, all who have agreed to a contract for something that they want.  After the Doctor falls under The Talent Scout’s spell it’s up to Alice’s ingenuity, Johnson’s music abilities and Jones’ strange ability to go unnoticed, to rescue the Timelord and the people of the town.

doctor who #3 insert

What Rob Williams does in this story is layer mystery upon mystery upon mystery. Some of these are revealed, some of them however are left for future stories but again this issue is a standalone story that has a beginning, middle and an end. Although not in that order.

After dealing with politics and amusement parks in previous issues, it’s the turn of Music to become the butt of the narratives japes. It is obvious from the first mention of John Jones that he is based on David Bowie and the script is scored with witty references to his music and life. When Alice refers to Jones as “a mortal with the power of a superman” the Bowie fan inside me let out a little squeal.

The story itself is fairly simple however it is packed with brilliant, expressive characters and the villain is creepy enough to fit the role of Devil buying souls at the crossroads. The art is as expressive as the script and combines energetic compositions and emotional close ups. Simon Fraser has also redesigned one of the Doctor’s old ‘friends’ which will be loved and hated in equal number by long term fans of the show.

This comic is just so much fun and introduces another companion into the TARDIS. There is also a perfect blend between the story of the month and a longer running story arc, something that can be difficult to balance, especially in a monthly comic. Rob Williams and Al Ewing are hitting all the right notes with their Eleventh Doctor adventures and they’re definitely got me hooked for the foreseeable future.

doctor who #3 cover

Title: Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor

Publisher: Titan Comics

Writers: Rob Williams

Artist: Simon Fraser




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