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Doctor Who: 11th Doctor #11 Review

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One of the defining aspects of Matt Smith’s tenure on Doctor Who would have to be the ‘timey wimey’ interplay of overreaching story lines; hello restarting the universe and traveling back down his own timeline, hi there meeting his wife after they are married without any knowledge of the happy day. This was produced with varying success on the show but Al Ewing (and alternate issue writer Rob Williams) have handled it brilliantly. Each issue of their 11th Doctor run has grown out of the previous issue but there is an even larger arc to the story that now appears to be looping back around to the beginning.

This issue sees the Doctor reeling from guilt over his actions as the Chief Executive of SERVEYOUinc and on a mission to put things right. Step one: make Arc whole again. The plan involves allowing Arc to access the TARDIS and, basically, think of home. The TARDIS zips through time as well as space and returns Arc to the moment before he is split from The Entity which causes a little bit of a paradox. The result? One fractured TARDIS.

EleventhDoctor11 insert 1

The TARDIS and the crew are separated and so is the colour for the panels. Each character has their own colour wash and as the characters meet back up the colour pallet changes: it mixes together so when Jones returns to the control room where Alice is, their blue and yellow washes mingle to become green. This is a simply wonderful narrative device. It’s striking and makes each character easy to follow across multiple pages. Boo Cook’s art seems to suit the 11th Doctor, it has a mad cap zaniness to it that the Doctor brings to each of his adventures. Even when something as serious as the TARDIS being infected with a malevolent mind, the Doctor (under the guidance of Al Ewing and Boo Cook) finds something fascinating to mess around with, in this case being non-corporeal becomes a spying game.

EleventhDoctor-11 insert 2.2

Possibly the stand out of the show (this issue more than previously) has to be Jones. The things Al Ewing has been doing with the character are hilarious. He’s basically a one trick pony: it’s David Bowie going through all of his different personas, but Al Ewing has so much fun with. So much so that in this issue the villain of the piece, The Talent Scout, even gets in on the act with the best representation of Jared from Labyrinth ever. The script references the character, the film the character is from and even the audience’s reaction to the character (“Nobody’s that good looking. Not even me” says Jones) all comfortably within the boundaries of the narrative. I can’t wait for the character to literally develop further, through the industrial Bowie and the reclusive Bowie into the modern, introspective Bowie. There must be a whole article waiting to be written just about this companions outfits.

If you are a fan of Doctor Who and actual adventures through time and space then this is where it’s at, this is the happening place. The writing, the art, the colour, it’s all here waiting to entertain you. Or possibly it already has entertained you. At this point, anything goes.

EleventhDoctor11 cover

Title: Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor

Publisher: Titan Comics

Writers: Al Ewing

Artist: Boo Cook

Colours: Hi-Fi



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