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Doctor Who: 11th Doctor #9 Review

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“It’s not something you can scare, or reason with, or stop by reversing the polarity of the thingy-whatsit. A corporation is a very special kind of monster.”

The 11th Doctor has been heading towards Serveyouinc headquarters for the last nine months, although he may not have known it until the end of the last issue.

‘The Rise and Fall’ starts with the mysterious Entity breaking out of its compound and taking shape, “awake at lassssst” it growls before the dying begins.

Meanwhile on board the TARDIS, Alice is still reeling from her treatment at the hands of the Talent Scout and her feelings of loss are only outweighed by her urge for revenge. The Doctor however appears to be taking his time, putting off the trip to Serveyouinc headquarters but really he’s planning and plotting, setting things in motion which is what the 11th Doctor excels at.

When they finally get to Serveyouinc, the Doctor storms straight to the reception and demands to see the Chief Executive, dropping the bombshell that he is now the major stockholder of the company. The Doctor has become a company man. Alice is concerned about it being a trap, Jones is worried about his very familiar makeshift lyrics and Arc is afraid.

11th doctor #9 insert

The previous 8 issues have been laying the groundwork for this issue and everything starts to fall apart (story wise, the actual writing just keeps getting better and better), as hinted at by this month’s title. The cliff hanger ending is as good as any of the TV two parter episodes and the final two panel page makes you wish this was a TV episode. Al Ewing not only knows how to plan a good series, he also knows how to write the perfect 11th Doctor story: you are not reading a comic about the Doctor, you’re reading Matt Smith in comic form.

Speaking of the art work, throughout the issue it’s as playful as the story needs it to be but focuses the reader’s attention when the narrative requires it. The early scenes of Alice depict a woman at the end of her tether, she is physically broken and there is a moroseness to the panels she inhabits. This all changes when the action gets to the over the top Corporation Headquarters with it’s influx of zombified office works, then the backgrounds become gaudy and crass. Again it is the final page that really stands out in this issue and once again makes you wish you were watching a Matt Smith episode.

When this run is collected into trade format someone should send a copy to Steven Moffat because this is how you build a series arc. The narrative has grown naturally over the previous issues with strong, believable character development of all the main characters, this includes the villain of the piece who is so much more than a 2 dimensional monster.

This comic is exciting, funny, moving and jam packed with references to Who old and new. It is exactly what Doctor Who should be but most importantly of all, the story fits the 11th Doctor perfectly.


11th doctor #9 cover

Title: Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor

Publisher: Titan Comics

Writers: Al Ewing

Artist: Boo Cook



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