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Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor Review

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If you were one of those people who watched Christopher Eccleston’s series of Doctor Who and wished that he’d made more then you’ll want to be getting your hands on the new 9th Doctor miniseries from Titan Comics.

Set just after The Doctor Dances, Cavan Scott whisks The Ninth Doctor, Rose and the new to the team Captain Jack away for a relaxing jaunt to Excroth, an idyllic planet and one of the Doctor’s favourite retreats. Unfortunately all that’s left are decimated chunks floating in the emptiness of space, just like Alderaan in A New Hope. And just like in that scene from Star Wars, our heroes are shocked by the sudden appearance of a massive Space Ship that locks the TARDIS in a tractor beam.

On board the ship they come face to face with Lect, a robot (alien in an armoured suit?) who threatens them at first but later protects them when the hull is breached. Outside a violent assault is taking place and the Lect is in the middle of dealing with that while trying to find out exactly what The Doctor and co and doing on board his ship.

After the Doctor decides that the environment is to dangerous, he high tails it back to the TARDIS with Jack and Rose in tow but in his haste and distracted by an argument with Jack over weapons, he makes a monumental error when dematerialising the TARDIS. An Error that Jack points out too late.

Doctor 9th insert 2

The first thing that hits you about this comic is the characters. Yes, they have a passing resemblance to the actors from the TV show but much more than that, their personalities are spot on. Rose is full of energy and excitement over this, still new to her at this point, adventure she has embarked on. She’s cool and laid back and tries to seem wiser than she is but her inexperience seeps through in her actions. Jack on the other hand is the cocky, ‘I know better than you’, renegade time agent that we were first introduced to in The Empty Child. This Jack still has a fondness for weapons and occasionally looks down on the Doctor.

The Doctor himself is full of mystery with a happy go lucky, over excited manic energy to him. He blusters into places and situations as if he owns them only to step back after a moment’s thought as if he just remembered he has no right to be doing this sort of thing. The after effects of the Time War come through in Scott’s’s script with the Doctor swinging from manic highs to melancholic lows in the space of a few panels. If someone asked me to sum up Christopher Eccleston’s interpretation of the Doctor I would give them page 21 from this comic and say ‘that. That is Eccleston’s Doctor’. His is a flippant and caring and enigmatic all at the same time Doctor.

Doctor 9th insert 3

The art work is clean and crisp and has a space adventure feel to it what with the clunky robots and angular corridors. Not much liberty is taken with the central characters which is a good thing and I will admit to outwardly smiling the first time Blair Shedd draws the Doctors cheeky grin and radar dish ears in full frontal. It took me right back to watching the series in 2005.

One of the most impressive aspects of the comic is the use of colour especially in the numerous silhouette panels. These are a bold move that break up the standard monotony of straight forward story telling. Each time one of these panels appears it works to highlight the beautifully crafted speech and the striking design of the characters. There are several of these panels with their plains of block colour that would make perfect t-shirt prints: they have that level of composition and design.

Doctor 9th insert 1

Overall Cavan Scott has produced an intriguing first part of an adventure full of everything that made that first series of New Who so much fun and exciting to watch. He has captured the characters perfectly in every aspect and Shedd’s illustration feels right at home for a 9th Doctor story. I can’t wait to see where they take Weapons of Past Destruction (even that title feels like Doctor Who as it rattles around in your mouth) but I know it will be a wild ride full of youthful energy, just like Doctor Who was ten years ago.

ninth doctor Cover_C (1)

Title: Doctor Who: The 9th Doctor

Publisher: Titan Comics

Writer: Cavan Scott

Artist: Blair Shedd

Colours: Jesse Durona



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