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Dream Police #3 – Comic Review

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“God is in the details. Or is that the Devil?”

Joe and Kate’s latest investigation is a Code Red and is very much about the fine detail. A Code Red is one the most serious crimes in the Dreamscape because it involves a Dream Police Officer’s unauthorised infiltration of dreamers personal space. The office in question, Ziferelli, insists that he didn’t do it but there are a handful of witnesses and surveillance evidence.

For some reason Joe takes the case personally and despite the weight of evidence against Ziferelli, his gut feeling tells him that the officer is innocent. It may have something to do with the punishment involved because if they can’t prove that Zaferelli didn’t do it then he will be sent to the Darkness. This is a new part of the Dreamscape and is an infinite structure on the outer edges that lacks light and once there, you don’t get out.

The investigation takes Joe to several different aspects of the Dreamscape, including a Reoccurring Dream, a Changeling Bar and the Dream Police Officer records where the reader is introduced to The Black Files.

DreamPolice 3 insert

J Michael Straczynski writes another one and done issue which broadens the scope of the series. He introduces new sections of the Dreamscape and litters the pages with hints to the greater story that’s unfolding. With the help of the artist, glimpses of faces are shown in the patterns on a wall or the photo’s in a file giving the regular reader something to look out for but at the same time does not impede the new  or casual readers enjoyment.

If you are following the ‘greater’ story then you really have to look at the details: the creators are leaking out clues for you to collect and put together like a game of Cluedo. You can tell that Straczynski has created ideas and worlds on the grand scale previously as each issue he opens up the world in a natural way. The cast of characters is growing and you might not even have realised this was happening because it’s so organic. You can pick this issue up without having read the previous ones and it will still be enjoyable but I would recommend catching up. If you have read the others then you know what to expect and this issue is as good as the first two.


Title: Dream Police

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: J Michael Straczynski

Artist: Sid Kotian



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