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Drumhellar #6 – Comic Review

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The second arc of this series starts in a very grim manner. A young boy is shunned by his parents and over hears them talking about how much of a burden he is and then the scene shifts outside where something ghastly is coming for them.

We then check in with our paranormal detective and friends. He is planning on leaving, to make a get away before the police catch up with him. He’s unsure of where to go and a little reluctant to use the Saliva to guide his way (If that doesn’t make any sense to you, then you’ll need to go and read the first story arc). In the awkwardness of the moment Lupe makes a suggestion that should, in theory, make the moment more awkward but apparently it’s just the release these characters have been waiting for.

What follows next can only be described as a psychedelic sexual experience and the three of them on the hill are not the only ones whose sexual experiences are been expanded.

Drumhellar insert

The majority of this issue is taken up with the sexual element of the story and the visions that Drum has during this time. The pacing of the story is almost rhythmic and builds up a visual crescendo that climax’s in a series of splash pages, one of which shows Drum where he needs to go. It’s very well written and the main action is penetrated with humorous inserts of Harold also having some physical fun. Riley Rossmo’s art is as much fun as the script and is littered with metaphoric images but when he switches on the horror it is jarring and disturbing, exactly what you would expect from a murder scene.

Although this is the start of a new story arc it’s not the best jumping on point for new readers. It is more like an epilogue to the first part of Drum’s story and a prelude to the next. That’s not to say it isn’t worth reading, quite the contrary. The artwork is exciting and the main story is entertaining if a touch insubstantial. But the introduction to the next story is sufficiently horrific to make up for anything that may be lacking in the rest of the issue.


Title: Drumhellar

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Alex Link/Riley Rossmo

Artist: Riley Rossmo




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