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East of West #13 – Comic Review

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Someone assassinates The Witch and Death lets loose his anger and frustration on the assassin. Travelling over a great distance to face the sharpshooter, Death allows the first punch to fall against him but when he strikes back, he strikes like a God.

Meanwhile, Crow and Wolf are forced into a magic struggle when a bridge between the New World and the Old Magic is opened and something wants to come across. The Witch’s body, the fallen corpse of Wolf’s father, is at stake because “things from the dead lands” have come to claim what is now rightfully theirs.

EastofWest13 insert

In contrast to last issue’s political, round table discussions, this month is action all the way, from the opening, literal, head shot to the final, well, the final page. Death’s fight sequence is a bullet dodging, face punching old west confrontation which may not be what you’d expect from a powerful God but it is excellently drawn by Nick Dragotta. He manages to capture the speed and power of fighting titans and injects the images with the anger that Death is feeling at the loss of his only link to his son. The lack of background detail, or in the case of a lot of panels no background, helps to focus the action and shows off Dragotta’s brilliant figure work. Frank Martin plays his part using a limited colour pallet to great effect, especially in Death’s fight scenes.

Jonathan Hickman switches from political drama (last month) to full on action with ease. In this issue he only focuses on four characters and expands our knowledge of them through violent acts. Death hasn’t been this cool since Neil Gaiman introduced us to his Goth girl creation and Hickman makes Death’s situation so desperate that you can’t help but have sympathy for him.

Sometime soon Hickman will start to draw all the threads of this comic together and when he does it’s going to be explosive but a part of me doesn’t want that to happen for a long time yet. I like stories that have a beginning, middle and an end but I don’t want this particular comic to end any time soon, I’m enjoying it too much. East of West volumes 1 and 2 are currently out if you need to catch up and I highly recommend that you do.


Title: East of West

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artist: Nick Dragotta

Colourist: Frank Martin



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