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East of West #14 – Comic Review

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At the funeral of the President, Secretary Chamberline tells a heroic tale of loyalty and bravery, explaining how the President once saved Chamberline during the last war, but at the same time he has flashbacks of strangling and poisoning the leader of the Confederate States of America.  After the children have been dismissed, representatives of the Great Council come to discuss the replacement of the leader and the name they have in mind is Chamberline. Although he plays coy, even a little bit reluctant, deep down it’s as if he had planned it this way from the beginning.

The Three Horsemen have reached Armistice and are shocked to find other people inside as usually anyone who goes there either disappears or is brutally murdered.  They consult the mutated beast Ezra to see if the Word of Holy Apocrypha could be wrong or misinterpreted. War has an itch he wishes to obliterate, and that itch is the son of Death. Ezra warns that this cannot be done because Death’s son has a great part to play in the end days. Before further discussion can take place War feels a coming onslaught and The Nation’s act of War literally shatters Armistice.

East of west 14 insert

By the end, the Word is made flesh and Death has come within sight of his son’s prison. A confrontation is coming and on the verge of planetary War: the timing couldn’t be more fitting.

There is a lot of discussion surrounding the Prophecy and the notion of predicting the future. Jonathan Hickman has written a very heavy script full of religious dogma and passion. The idea of destiny is highlighted in two separate sub plots with Chamberline creating his own while War wants to defy someone else’s.

As usual Hickman is in complete control of his plot and this issue finally brings some of the major players to places they’ve been heading for a long time. It feels as though we are reaching the end of the first act of Hickman’s tale of the End Days and something big is hovering on the horizon.

Nick Dragotta has the talent to illustrate the sadness of mourning grandchildren, the frozen bloodied death mask of a dying man and the looming figure of a mutated creature without making one seem more important than the other. The destruction of Armistice is especially good with Frank Martin’s blood red wash covering these pages adding an additional uncomfortable and atmospheric feel to the carnage.

This issue will not disappoint but it will leave you begging for more.


Title: East of West

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artist: Nick Dragotta

Colourist: Frank Martin



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