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East Of West #18 Review

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Death’s son goes for a walk through a forest and the reader gets a history lesson.

And that’s about it this month. Apart from the meeting with the Prophet Orion and his massive gerbil (not a euphemism).

East of west 18 feature

The reader learns how the horsemen, in their previous lives, gave the nearly born child of Death to the secret Empire. This leads the child to become a prisoner of the virtual reality machine that in the present is leading him through a world of visual lies. Because a large amount of the narrative is spoken by the Avatar it does leave an element of doubt about the validity of the back story, it feels as though there are elements of the tale missing.

The issue ends with another toughing moment between Death and his lover. But aside from that the narrative hasn’t really moved the story forward this month. The purpose of the issue seems to highlight that father and son are traveling their own paths but have the same destination. However this has been a part of the comic ever since Death found out his son was still alive.

East of west 18 insert 1

I don’t dare call this a ‘filler issue’ because past experience has shown that Hickman doesn’t do ‘fillers’ however its relevance isn’t clear yet. The writing and art are up to the standard that everyone has come to expect but the issue as a whole is easily forgettable. This is one of those months where you’ll wish you were reading the Trades so that you can go straight on to the next chapter. It’s not a bad issue, it’s just nothing special, something that long time readers of Hickman’s Avengers titles will be used to by now.


Title: East of West

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artist: Nick Dragotta

Colourist: Frank Martin



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