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East Of West The World – Review

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To fill the gap between chapter 1 and chapter 2 of their end of the world, political epic, Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta present a special edition of East of West focusing on different areas of their alternate world.

The special is split into three sections. There is a short story to start with before the detailed maps of each nation with a text piece of historical significance. This is all wrapped up with a timeline detailing the histories leading up to the start of the apocalypse.

There is a fourth section if you count the mostly white pages as a separate entity: there is a lot of white in this comic.

The short story at the beginning tells the tale of how Conquest got a horse, so to speak. It’s a fun little story that gives the reader a little insight into the characters of the Horsemen but doesn’t appear to bare any relevance to the greater story: unless Conquest’s manipulation technique is  intrinsically  important to the next phase of the Apocalypse.

east of west world insert 1

This 6 page story is then followed by a map of each of the major Nation’s who play a part in the East of West world. They focus on areas touched upon in the regular monthlies and illustrate where everything is in comparison to everything else. They do exactly what a map should do. To accompany the wonderful graphic drawing is a section of Nation particulars and some background information about each location. These text pieces give the reader some idea about the people from each place and a little insight into the motivations behind their actions in chapter 1 of the main story. These will probably also become more relevant as the second chapter unfolds.

This East of West special is definitely an interesting companion piece to the main comic but is it important and relevant? I’m not to sure. If you are committed to the story and the world that Hickman has created then this is a must buy as it will help you become immersed in Hickman’s creation. However, if you’re just passing through or don’t engage with the narrative much passed the surface story then this will have nothing for you. Although I find it hard too believe that anyone reading a Jonathan Hickman comic isn’t anything other than totally committed.

I get the feeling this will be something that should be referred to further down the line as the story progresses and everything starts to fall into place.

Alternatively, buy two copies, take the staples out and create a East of West world map on your wall to refer to each month. You could even mark on specific locations and make notes to keep it up to date: maybe use red wool to connect certain elements that are related to each other.

Maybe not.

Either way, this is something that the majority of the current readers will want to pick up because, if nothing else, the design work on the maps is meticulous.


Title: East of West: The World

Publisher: Image

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artist: Nick Dragotta

Colours: Frank Martin

Letters: Rus Wooton




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