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Edward Scissorhands #2 – Review

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Eli has crept out of the mansion and out into suburbia while Edward, traumatised by last issues rat massacre, continues his research into the mechanical boy. But this proves to be too little too late.

Following in the footsteps of the movie, the unworldly Eli spies on the local neighbourhood boys with a sense of longing and then, unsuccessfully tries to pet a wandering puddle. Edward wants to give chase but his fear of the outside world gets the better of him and he becomes stuck behind the imposing metal bars of the mansion fence.

ES2 inset 2

Meanwhile Megan challenges her mothers denial but to no avail so, with her grandmothers diary in hand, she ventures out and eventually up to the ‘haunted mansion’.

This is a difficult issue to get into. On the one hand the artwork is vibrant and atmospheric. It creates a stark contrast between the ‘safe’ suburbia and the cold, accidentally violent world which gave birth to Edward and now Eli. Although there is a cartoony look to the images they also incorporate an uneasy, almost edginess, that made the original film so appealing. It’s a cross between the Peanuts strip and Charles Addams original Addams Family cartoons.

ES2 inset

Unfortunately all of the tension and uncomfortable scenes that the art work creates is diminished by the narrative. Not a lot actually happens and each scene feels a little bit too long, as if the writer is filling up pages until the cliffhanger ending. There isn’t anything wrong with the story elements, they just seem dragged out across the pages. I like the ending of the issue although it may have worked better if this issue had been edited down and added to issue 1 thereby making an extended first issue with a much tighter story overall.

I’m still not sure who this comic is aimed at and I’d be interested to hear from anybody who is reading it. Unfortunately I am currently a little underwhelmed by the story which has yet to capture the eerie expressionism of the movie. However the artwork is sufficiently quirky with a good balance between the two contrasting worlds that the characters inhabit.


Title: Edward Scissorhands

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Kate Leth

Artist: Drew Rausch

Colourist: Jeremy Colwell




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