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The Evil Within # 1 – Review

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This all new prequel to the game of the same name released by Bethesda Softworks is a standard opening to a modern horror film. Girl on her own gets stuck in the middle of nowhere and the first person she meets screams at her to run.  But is that all that’s going on?

Dana is heading home after dropping out of college. She has spent the last 6 months (or is it 2 years?) trying to convince everybody that her best friend Kate has been kidnapped but no one believes her and the pressure leads her to a near mental breakdown. But on a dark and rainy night in the middle of nowhere her car runs out of gas and her mobile can’t get a signal. With only one, ill advised option left to her she heads out on foot to the nearest gas station.

evil within insert 2

So far so obvious. The script is well written and makes some nods to the fact that it’s a typical horror show opening; Dana even has a conversation with a picture of her missing friend about the stupidity of heading out into the dark. Unfortunately she has to venture on and the eerie, empty gas station and sudden appearance of over worked nurse Paul being chased by a host of mutilated bodies isn’t much of a twist to the plot. Their journey takes them out through the woods and into an old abandoned psychiatric hospital where the gruesome Boxman lives.

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The story is fairly entertaining even though it does read like the linking ‘film moments’ in a cheesy horror video game. These characters are standard fare for the roles of victims/possible heroes and the creatures are the over the top, blood caked mutations that you would expect from this type of thing. With this body shock type of horror story it is usually the style of the art that makes or breaks the comic, what with the story being clichéd almost by expectation. And The Evil Within has a wonderful artist with Alex Sanchez who expertly depicts the terrifying situation Dana has found herself in. He doesn’t skimp on the grotesqueness of the ‘creatures’ but this isn’t all he has to offer. His character work is impressive and the mood of the situation is portrayed through the emotions of the leading lady.

For the most part The Evil Within isn’t anything new or surprising however the ending was a bit of a twist, one that I’m sure anyone who has played the game would have seen coming. I wouldn’t know about that though because I haven’t played the game.

The Evil Within cover


Title: The Evil Within

Publisher: Titan Comics

Writer: Ian Edginton

Artist: Alex Sanchez



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