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Exit Generation #3 – Comic Review

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You may remember a while back I reviewed the first two issues of Exit Generation (here), well number 3 is ready for consumption and you’re going to want to gobble it right down.

Our two heroes have shot themselves into space with the aid of Scrap and Hanna who seem eager to get in a bit of action. The mission is to rescue their family from the evil clutches of the Ruleian’s but little do they know that their parents have already found someone sensitive to their plight. Grunt, one of the alien abductors, has lost faith in his greedy captain and doesn’t believe that the humans deserve to be eaten, even if they have been slow cooked in the sweetest of milky gravies.

Exit Generation #3 insert 1

With one rescue attempt forcing entry into the spacecraft through the garbage shoot and the other taking time out to steal the captain’s favourite prize, it’s little wonder that they come face to face with Ruleian security and the ravishing captain himself.

This issue also explores the fate of the Exit Fleet whose doomed journey is unveiled through, at first, the commentary by Grunt and then continued by the only remaining survivor of the fleet (you’ll have to buy the comic to find out who that is).

There are moments of sadness, heroism and downright stupidity in this issue of Exit Generation which makes this a rollicking good read, full of heart and humour.

Sam Read has plotted a clever little space romp that mixes the excitement of Star Wars with the outlandish humour of The Hitchhikers Guide. The two main story threads both advance at an even pace with each offering the reader a different experience of the world Read and his collaborators have created. On the one hand there is a feeling of nervous tension as the sneaky breakout is executed by the alien assistant and on the other, there is the brash ‘blast ‘em all’ action movie approach to prison breakouts. The writer handles the two different styles with equal success and seamlessly blends the two into one greater narrative.

Exit Generation #3 .1

The art work is full of energy and captures the rhythm of the narrative. The characters are highly detailed and the designs of the alien’s are fun with a hint of menace. There is a wonderful contrast in colours between the cold blues of the alien space craft and the warm reds of the human shuttle. Overall ,the attention to detail makes the artwork enjoyable and tells the story on multiple levels. One of my favourite images in this issue (see above) is of a rather jovial alien feast that is drawn in a comical, almost dismissive,  manner but the knowledge of what they are dinning on adds a sense of queasiness to the scene.

One of the joys of this comic is the way that everyone involved seems to be working from the same page: there is a unity to the creators that is sometimes lacking from some of the bigger, more recognisable comic titles.  Everyone wants this comic to be the best it can be and in my opinion this is definitely  a success. There is only one issue of this story left and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. I am also hoping that it will be left open so that the creators and readers can return to this well crafted sci-fi universe in the future.

All three of the current issues can be bought from Read French Comics and selective brick and mortar stores around the country.


EG 3 cover


Writer: Sam Read –

Artist: Caio Oliveria –

Colourists: Marissa Louise –

Letters: Colin Bell –

Covers: Ramon Villalobos –

Editor : Adam P Knave –




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