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Exit Generation #4 – Review

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At the Thought Bubble Convention last weekend, and a year after the launch of issue 1, the finale of Exit Generation was released to the world.

In this final issue our hero’s come face to face with the bone munching alien chef’s who aren’t about to let their larder just waltz out the door. What follows is a mass, ass kicking sci-fi confrontation that feeds off movies like Star Wars and Aliens but with the addition of giant sporks. There are casualties on both sides before the fight reaches it’s explosive conclusion and a hasty escape is punctuated by the reunion between father and son. But is it too late?

Exit Generation 4 insert 2

Exit Generation ends true to it’s genre type: a sci-fi adventure with a spectacular, heart stopping and explosive conclusion. Sam Read has written a witty script which almost becomes background noise to Caio Oliveira’s energetic art. As the story has progressed over the 4 issues, the creative team have become more comfortable working together and this is very evident in the battle sequence on show here. The script and art compliment each other, knowing when to step back so that the emphasis of each panel is in the right place. Almost silent panels with empty one tone backgrounds highlight moments designed to shock the reader, with beloved characters falling to enemy weapons: where as more complex, detailed panels illustrate the over whelming force Jack and his crew have to face.

And through it all is a very dry, sometimes dark humour that creates laugh out loud moments even though a giant, spiky spoon thrust into a characters back shouldn’t be as funny as it is (the character survives therefore it is comedy, if he had died it would be classed as tragedy in true Shakespearean style).

Exit Generation 4 insert 3

The best part of the comic, however, is the denouement. Back on Earth, free from the alien threat, a conversation between friends illustrates how the characters have changed and may possibly be a statement about how the creators themselves have changed. It is a very optimistic, forward looking narration which feels fresh and new in today’s market place where the obsession with gritty and grim subject matters and dark tones seems to be the ‘in’ thing.

All of the people involved with Exit Generation have produced a comic worth reading and which imparts an important message about striving in the face of adversity and about not limiting yourself to what you’ve got but always reach for more. All of this has been achieved by telling a fun and entertaining sci-fi story. Not surprisingly, I would recommend checking out the entire run of Exit Generation.

Exit Generation 4 cover

Writer: Sam Read –

Artist: Caio Oliveria –

Colourists: Marissa Louise –

Letters: Colin Bell –

Covers: Ramon Villalobos –

Editor : Adam P Knave –




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