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Exit Generation – Comic Review

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Imagine an over populated world, short on food and close to the brink of self destruction. It’s not that difficult but what is the solution? How do we avoid the inevitable disaster? In the Exit Generation, writer Sam Read postulates an idea that forms the backbone for issue 1 of his new comic. The plan is to produce a vast fleet of Arc like ships to escape the doomed planet. The solution is biblical in proportions and obviously there has to be a margin of error, in this case 5% of the population would have to be left behind.


During the opening sequence the reader is briefly introduced to Matthew and Olivia, one of whom leaves with the fleet and one who stays on Earth. Something major happens but I don’t want to spoil it, let’s just say that when the narrative shifts into the future there are a lot of people unaccounted for.

The EXIT of the title stands for Extraction by Interstellar Transport and the Generation refers to the children of those left behind. Matthew and Olivia’s child has grown up with an obsession with action movies of yesteryear which his best friend Mo doesn’t understand. Unfortunately on Jack’s twentieth birthday the Earth is exposed to an extra-terrestrial threat of the culinary kind.

After the initial info dump, which feels a bit like a tick list for a coming apocalypse, the writing gets down to fleshing out the characters and it really starts to shine. Sam Read has assembled a diverse cast of interesting characters. You get the sense of history on each page, that everyone has a back story and the narrative could spin off in a number of directions.

EG insert 4

Caio Oliveira has produced some wonderful art to tell the story. He has a keen sense of perspective and isn’t afraid of using varied points of view to show the action. There is a lot of detail where it is needed but an expressionist feel is used in other panels to help to create the sense of motion and urgency. There is also an element of fun to the design work, especially in the more sci-fi elements of the story. Anyone who has read The Manhattan Project will feel at home with the artistic style on display, although the colouring may be different; using an array of slightly muted shades of colour instead of a minimalist range for focus, the intention is the same. This is not a grim, serious comic coated in shadow and greys; it has an element of fun and adventure.  The aliens and space vessels are especially entertaining and, along with the witty script, it is a joy to read. The second issue, which has a lot more space based action, with the distasteful E.T.’s, is faster paced and has some well written banter; it even appears to be channelling Douglas Adam’s at one point which is never a bad thing.

Exit Generation is an independently published comic and is well worth your time, especially if you’re into character driven science fiction. The series has a lot of scope and once the main characters get off planet the whole universe is opened up to them. The comic feels like it has been influenced by the best television and comics from the last couple of decades, there are elements of Farscape and Firefly in there. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if the creators have read a lot of DC Vertigo or Image comics because this would fit right in with their output.

A preview of the comics can be found here:

And the actual comics can be bought from this site  and a select number of brick and mortar shops.

Exit Generation showcases some exciting talent that’s worth keeping an eye on and to help you do just that, check out the following sites:


Writer: Sam Read –

Artist: Caio Oliveria –

Colourists: Ruth Redmond –

Marissa Louise –

Letters: Colin Bell –

Covers: Ramon Villalobos –

Editor : Adam P Knave –





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