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Wondercon Premiere Of Batman Beyond Short

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Following on from Kia’s preview of Darwyn Cook’s short, featuring Batman Beyond (voiced by Will Friedle) and old Bruce Wayne (voiced by the one and only Kevin Conroy), Wondercon attendees have seen the short in it’s entirety.

In all honesty, it leaves me a little more frustrated than anything. I adored the DCAU and seeing McGuinness suit up again with a feisty OAP Batman reminds me of how much I enjoyed Batman Beyond or Batman Of The Future to our American friends. The short sees Bruce Wayne under attack from Hardac, a robotic version of Batman. McGuinness swoops in to save the day and help destroy the robot. The theme from Batman Beyond is featured which only adds to the nostalgia. I really hope they consider bringing back this great series.

Anyway, enjoy the clip and see if you can identify the different versions of Robot Batman/Hardac at the end.

+ I spotted the following versions of Batman:
Beware The Batman;  The Batman;  Brave and the Bold;  The Dark Knight Returns;  Tim Burton’s Batman;  Adam West’s Batman;  Detective Comics #27 Batman!  Did you get them all?



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