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The Fade Out #1 – Comic Review

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Fatale may have ended but Brubaker and Phillips are just getting started with their new noir series ‘The Fade Out’

Set in the late 1940s ‘The Fade Out’ starts off with Charlie Parish, a screen writer, waking up in a bathroom with no recollection of what has happened that evening. Events then start to unfold throughout the issue of what actually happened that night, revealing that a crazy party ended in death. The death of this character shows the real underbelly of Hollywood, with the film company covering up the death and sullying the characters name within the industry.

The Fade Out #1 stripThe art is as beautiful as ever with the same colourist used as in the last part of Fatale and the team also have a research assistant for this series to get every detail as close to reality as possible. I love the way that at the beginning of the issue it shows the list of characters and who they are just like at the beginning of an old film.

The end of the issue features the well known ‘end of issue’ article as used previously in Fatale, this months piece is by Devin Faraci who they plan to write more articles for them in the future. This months article features the death of Peg Entwistle who is famous for committing suicide from the HollyWoodLand sign in 1932.

The Fade Out #1 SE

This issue is 40 pages long and as well as the standard issue of ‘The Fade Out’ with the typewriter on the front cover you can also get the larger special edition movie magazine replica that has extra pages at the back showing behind-the-scenes artwork.

‘The Fade Out’ really captures the dark and depraved world of the Hollywood film industry in the 1940’s and as well as being dark has a certain beauty to it as well. I recommend this highly to Brubaker/Phillips fans and noir fans alike, this is definitely not one to be missed.


Title: The Fade Out

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Ed Brubaker

Artist: Sean Phillips

Colourist: Elizabeth Breitweiser


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