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The Fade Out #2 Review

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After such an amazing issue 1, Phillips and Brubaker have followed up with an equally brilliant issue 2 paving the way for a brilliant story full of secrets, lies, and cover-ups.

Last issue we left Charlie Parish in an awful situation of awaking to find the dead body of hollywood starlet Valeria Sommers, he then proceeds to confide in his best friend Gil Mason.


We begin with the funeral of Valeria and the cast of actors and Hollywood bigwigs who are mourning her death. However Charlie is angry and also to some extent feeling guilty about the fact that he knows the circumstances surrounding her death are completely different from those told by the media and by the film company. We then see the decline of Gil, as his drunkenness becomes more out of control because of the secret that Charlie has told him. However their relationship is mainly based on secrets and you find out a major secret as to why they are so close in this issue.

We are then pulled straight into the business of Hollywood and the film industry with Victor Thursby and Franz Shmitt discussing filming all of Valerias scenes from her final film again in only 25 days. This part of the issue also shows a little more history into how Victor got into the business which is a nice bit of background knowledge of the character, this really made me feel like I got to know the character more.

There is a brilliant article in the back of the issue on the famous Roscoe ‘fatty’ Arbuckle unfortunately famous for all the wrong reasons, and the story behind the court case that destroyed his promising career.

I felt in this issue as well as there being quite a few main plot points, this was mainly character development which I loved. I really got to know a lot of the characters and how they tick which drew me into the story even more than I already was. A great read.

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