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The Fade Out #4

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This issue of The Fade Out starts off with a memorial to colour flatting assistant Eduardo Navarro Lopez who passed away from cancer on November 27th 2014.  Elizabeth Breitweiser has worked with him on most of her projects such as Fatale, Velvet, and The Fade Out and has always held him in very high regard. It’s very sad to lose such a talented individual in the comic industry.

This issue is the last in the current story arc, and opens with Charlie and Earl heading to a party that Dottie had set up to introduce Maya to the rest of the town.

Charlie, however, is still struggling with Val’s death and despite drinking and working he still can’t shake the constant reminders, dreams, and fuzzy memories. Then Charlie comes across a familiar face from his flashbacks and can’t quite figure out where he fits in the whole situation, but what he does know is that this face definitely has something to do with it.


After Charlie bumps into an old friend, Clark Gable, who he helped to film war documentaries, the party is then split into several events which result in a drunken Charlie and an upset Dottie. Charlie then ends up in a coffee place still thinking about ‘that’ familiar face. With the urge to find this man he ends up stumbling into even more trouble, what has Charlie gotten himself into?

Another excellent issue of The Fade Out, which will now be taking a short break due to Brubaker and Phillips finishing off their 48 page edition of Criminal which should be excellent as always. There is also another great article at the back called ‘What is the secret of the lost girl’ by Megan Abbott about the disappearance of actress Jean Spangler in 1949. So far I have loved every one of these featured articles and they give me that little bit more of an insight into the dark world of Hollywood, either telling me something knew or expanding my knowledge of a story I already know.

This comic is gathering momentum at a good steady pace and keeps me wanting more. I can’t wait to see what the next story arc brings.

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