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The Fade Out #5 Review

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After a brief break whilst releasing the Criminal special edition one shot and also the Act One trade of The Fade Out, it is finally back with issue number 5, with 40 pages of Brubaker and Phillips goodness.

There are many different themes in play in this issue with multiple characters such as homosexuality, violence, and Insanity, which is very refreshing. To start with we are introduced to a very seedy character, Al Kamp who is the co-founder of Victoria Street Pictures as one of our main characters Gil Mason is having a drink or three, instead of staying put in the hotel room as Charlie wanted him to. Al Kamp shows signs of lunacy and stark raving madness, in all honesty he makes me feel rather uncomfortable which is why I like the way this character is portrayed, you really feel a strong emotion towards him.


An interesting way of showing the differences between an old piece of film shot with Valerie and a new piece of film shot with Maya, is the language and also the colour. Valerie’s scenes are shown in black and white whereas Maya’s scenes are shown in colour, there are also some language differences such as the way the script flows with Valerie seems a lot more natural than with Maya. I hope this is continued throughout The Fade Out as I love the artistic differences between both pieces of film.

In another twist of events we find out that a main character is in fact a homosexual and the way that this is dealt with in this time period and in this industry, which isn’t glamorous or legal that’s for sure

There is a major scene within this issue showing a very poignant reason as to why Valerie may have been a target and a possible motive to either kill or have her killed. I won’t be the one to tell you though you’ll have to read it to find out.

All in all another great issue of The Fade Out, keep consuming folks!

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