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The Fade Out #6 Review

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Things are definitely hotting up in The Fade Out #6 and this title definitely deserves the nomination for an Eisner Award for Best New Series.


Charlie is still haunted by Valerie’s death and despite Dottie forgiving him for his mistakes and encouraging him to be the faithful friend and go to a movie premiere with Maya, things still take a completely different turn.

Gil is on the same old alcohol spree as always but this time with a different agenda relating to the death of Valerie.


Honestly if i tell you anything else plot-wise my review will be spoiler central so I’m going to stop there.

The main theme of this issue is definitely secrets, everyone has them, and it is the most powerful thing that can be used to bring the most influential people off of their high horse and straight down to the gutter.

As always the art is fantastic and the story is getting better and better. I’m looking forward to what the next issue is going to bring to the table, and how many more people are going to be involved in this web of secrets, violence, and betrayal.

The article ‘Our Gang’ is by Devin Faraci, and is about black cinema, particularly black child actors in ‘Our Gang’ shorts and the actor Ernie ‘Sunshine’ Morrison. Referring to films from ‘The Kid From Borneo’ to television shows like ‘The Little Rascals’ this is a very interesting and thought provoking article, showing that despite some of these films being extremely racist, black actors were using these films to make racial history.

Definitely pick up this copy of The Fade Out and keep consuming.

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