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The Fade Out #7

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In this months issue of The Fade Out we see Charlie and Maya very cosy in a secret hide away spot, away from the media, away from the film set, and away from the tragic death of Valeria Sommers.


Most of this issue is focused on Charlie and Maya and their relationship. Charlie is definitely using this to try and forget what happened with Valeria, and Maya opening up to him about her father definitely shows a connection between them both, two people trying to run away and forget about a tragic event in their life. Whether this is a genuine connection or whether they are using each other I’m sure will become more and more apparent in the next few issues. I can understand why Charlie is so drawn to Maya but Maya to Charlie I am not so sure, in theory she could have anyone, is there a hidden agenda? or heh maybe I’m being a cynic.

As the story goes on both Maya and Charlie have to leave their get-away and carry on with their ‘real lives’ which Charlie really struggles with, his emotions get the better of him and he ends up in a scrap with one of Gil’s old drinking buddies. This leads to him meeting someone who has seen before and starts the ball rolling once more into the death that has been haunting him all this time.

In issue 6 and this current issue you can definitely feel something is building and the tension is seriously killing me. I’m looking forward to seeing the future of Charlie and Maya and where this recent revaluation opens up a whole new can of worms.

This months essay is all about Errol Flynn, his life, his career, and the famous trial.

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