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The Fade Out #8 Review

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It is Halloween in this issue of The Fade Out, and our main characters are having a good time at the Victoria Street Halloween party, or so we think. Phil Brodsky and Victor Thursby discuss the threatening note that Victor has received asking for money regarding Valeria’s death. Charlie on the other hand was out trick or treating with Gil and Melba, this gives both Charlie and Gil a more sensitive side. They have been so wrapped up in alcohol and the situation with Valeria that there hasn’t really been a chance to see them both in this sort of light.

However we are brought back down to earth as Charlie goes to the studio Halloween Party and bumps into Dottie, she goes on to make it abundantly clear that getting involved with Maya is an extremely bad idea. My first impression would be jealousy however it doesn’t seem like that with Dottie, it seems like more of a warning.


Charlie then carries out his own bit of investigation work to find out who ‘Tina’ is, and low and behold it pays off and he manages to find her at the party. She then tells him some very interesting information to do with Valeria’s death, Charlie comes to his own conclusion from this which has quite a shocking outcome. Whether this is true or not I’m sure we will soon find out.


The end of this issue is very intriguing as one character knows a lot more than they are letting on linking them to the threats sent to Victor, but I won’t spoil the surprise for you.

Another great issue revealing a lot more about the main plot and another brilliant article at the back.

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