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Field #3 – Comic Review

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This issue starts with a run through a bloodbath and doesn’t let up.

Everyone wants The Source and Christian is intent on making sure nobody gets him. After stealing a car at gun point from a scared mother and son, they head out onto the open road where Christian starts to explain all. A scientific experiment went array resulting in a shrinking, temporal causality field which has a Groundhog Day affect on a whole host of people. The Tomorrow Men and The Smoke Eaters are hunting down Christian and The Source (also known as Grant, the scientist with little memory of his actions) to kill him and therefore stop the looping time phenomenon. Each gang has little regard for innocents and the casualties begin to pile up as they take their chase to the motorway and the two gangs clash, with Grant lost and bewildered and the middle.

Field insert 2

Ed Brisson has taken elements of The Walking Dead and Groundhog Day and mixed them together to produce a fine and funny script. He has created some hilarious characters based on typical stereo types but exaggerated them to the nth degree. The Nerds (sorry, The Tomorrow Men) are a brilliant collection of no hopers who have discovered their worth thanks to the lack of consequence provided by the Time Loop they find themselves in. The opening sequence where they come crashing through the doors, togged up in their Star Trek cosplay, guns a blazing is both hilarious and terrifying. Brisson isn’t scared on laying on the violence thick and fast as he weaves an explanation heavy issue into the action scenes. This works well because it tells the reader everything they need to know without becoming a massive info dump.

Field insert 1

Simon Roy in turn handles the ludicrous situations by mixing the ridiculous images with emotional characters and clever panel work. There is a fairly hefty fight scene late in the issue which Roy manages to illustrate with a minimum of panels but at no point does he belittle the scale of the fight, he does in fact heighten it by portraying the confusion and violence as if an observer was trying to follow such a rough rumble.

There are plenty of geek references to keep any reader happy and some of the best Bat’leth use outside of a Deep Space Nine episode. This comic is a worthwhile read and should keep anyone interested enough to stick around for the conclusion in the next issue.


Title: Field

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Ed Brisson

Artist: Simon Roy



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