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Find – Review

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These days it seems that comics are drawing more and more inspiration from movies and that is definitely the case with Find. If you’ve watched and loved any fantasy/sci-fi films from the 80’s or early 90’s then you will fall in love with this one shot published by ComixTribe.

It tells the tale of a young boy who is all but ignored by his parents. He’s not mistreated in any physical way but mentally he is abandoned and left to raise himself. The opening narration relays his sad story but isn’t all negative, it focuses on the positives of the situation. This is a trait taken straight from 1980’s children’s movies: yes, you parents have been kidnapped by an all-powerful invading alien space craft but at least you’ve got the chance to fly a combat shuttle with a collection of freakish aliens. There is always hope.

And Hope is the message embedded into the very fabric of Find.

Find insert 1

Taking advantage of his parent’s lack of interest, Teddy ventures into the depths of the night to investigate a strange light in the distance. What he finds is an alien form that instantly makes a mental connection with him. It appears to read his mind and react to his very thoughts. When Teddy shows the alien creature (from here on out called Goo) his superhero comic it begins to mimic the powers that the superhero possesses. Teddy sees the opportunity to do something good, to help people in need, an instant reaction that only the innocent would have.

What follows is an adventure that changes Teddy’s life. Forever.

Find is a very simple moral tale about making rash judgments based on first impressions. Throughout the comic the innocent, Teddy and Groo, instantly accept what they presented with and see only the positives. Whereas the other characters react based on preconceptions and fear. It captures the essence of films like E.T. and Flight of the Navigator and even has the adorable dynamic between the awestruck child and the naïve, accepting alien. The relationship that Sam Read builds between his two central characters is adorable and full of emotion. It’s amazing how much he manages to cram into this single 30 page comic.

Find insert 2

The writing is complemented by the wonderful art work of Alex Cormack. Despite being very dark, mostly set in the depths of a forest late at night, the art is never oppressive and for the most part it is inviting and easily accessible. This is especially important because this is an all ages comic that would appeal to younger readers as much as older readers. Occasionally comics aimed at younger readers miss the mark with the art, proving too complicated for some but that doesn’t happen here. Anyone, old or young, lifelong comic readers or new to the medium, will be able to follow the story and take something away with them.

Find is a totally enjoyable read and an excellent introduction for Sam Read into the direct market. I expect to read a lot more from him in the near future but I hope that he doesn’t return to Find too soon because as it stands, it is a perfectly self-contained story of innocence and wonder.

find cover

Title: Find

Publisher: ComixTribe

Writer: Sam Read

Artist: Alex Cormack



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