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Marvel Focuses On This Summers Blockbuster At Free Comic Book Day

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And lo, there came a day unlike any other, apart from the same day in years prior…

Free Comic Book Day!




<ahem> That’s quite enough of that, but you get the picture. FCBD is quite the excitement-inducing day in the geek calendar.

Here’s what I managed to pick up, and what I thought of them…

Guardians of The Galaxy


Clearly aiming to play off the buzz for the forthcoming movie of the same name, Marvel’s primary FCBD offering features the soon to be famous heroes. The book itself is split into three parts.

First up we get an introduction to the team through the eyes of their newest (and only actual human) recruit. The art is from the great Nick Bradshaw, who you should remember from his sterling work on Wolverine & The X-Men. It’s short, sweet and to the point. IF you read this, you’ll go into the film with at least some idea of what to expect. Mission accomplished then, I guess? For thos of you reading the monthly GOTG series, this issue takes place before the recently published issue, and explains how Venom comes to join the team in the first place.

The middle third is an excerpt from Jim Starlin’s forthcoming Thanos story; The Infinity Revelation. Unfortunately, this is incredibly unsuitable for anyone who’s not read the past 20 years of Thanos stories. If you came to this cold, and with it being FCBD that’s quite likely, then you’re going to be baffled and disinterested. On the plus side, it’s nice to see Starlin return to the character his career has been closely intertwined with for so long.

The final part of the book reprints a short story from Amazing Spider-Man #1 and serves as a teaser to the Spider-Verse event later in the year. Much like the Thanos story, it’s not going to mean much to you unless you’ve read up on a rather lame (IMO) villain called Morlun. Who appears to be jumping between time and space to kill Spider-Man wherever he finds him. Here, Spider-Man is in Shakespearean England, performing at The Globe. It’s an odd story to put in,serving as an obvious advert for the new Spider-Man event, but I would have thought a more standard Spidey tale might have worked better?

Rocket Raccoon


The second of Marvel’s offerings is very much the kid-friendly book. It’s a double feature and a pretty good FCBD example. Coming with a Skottie Young cover, I expected this to be a prologue to the forthcoming Rocket Raccoon series, but was rather disappointed to find a different creative team at work. They’re good, but I was hoping for Skottie on the interiors too. The story features Rocket and Groot attempting to rescue a princess from her incarceration by an evil overlord (This sounds familiar somehow…) and is a fun little read. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s fun enough to keep a kid happy with it.

The back half of the book is a reprint from Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures, tying in to the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. Again, this is great stuff for kids, without really offering much to older readers. As I’ve stated before about FCBD; these books should be gateways for new readers, so I figure this actually hits the mark pretty spot-on.

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