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God Hates Astronauts #2 – Comic Review

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In the late 1970’s Dr Professor’s dream came true when he joined the respectable ranks of NASA but his timing was unfortunate. At that very moment, way, way up there on the moon a diplomatic interstellar faux pas was taking place.

In modern day Shitsville, Dr Professor stresses in his apartment, the knowledge that the world is on the brink of an invasion by space crabs weighing heavy on his mind. His roommate, like NASA, doesn’t really give a shit and takes his friend/pet Craymok (he’s a weird mutant with laser eyes) for a much need walk. While on the streets of Shitsville Dave, for that is his name, hears a cry for help and deeply buried memories of his past life resurface: he really hates muggers which is why he became The Anit-mugger and now his true self is back.

Elsewhere, the young Starlina takes on the evil Sittor in an attempt to get to a cookie. The results are devastating and her parents, Starrior and Star Grass, are not going to be impressed. Also, the NASA funded Gnarled Wilson is haunted by a previous one night stand, literally. He manages to hide it from his wife but he’s going to need help exorcising this troublesome spirit lover. But how does this all link in with last week’s issue? And does it really matter?

God Hates Astronauts feature

Ryan Browne delivers another laugh out loud issue of craziness. He has created a seriously funny selection of characters and put them into the most ridiculous situations which produces something not too dissimilar to The Manhattan Projects but with added animal heads. The script has great comedy timing, a feat that is difficult in a comic because the pacing of the joke relies to a certain degree on the reader but Browne knows how to use his visuals to give the gag the correct momentum. On the surface the script appears to be an outright comedy but the often rude jokes and collection of swearwords hides a clever, more thoughtful critique on modern superhero comics. In a similar way to Garth Ennis’ The Boys, Browne focuses on how Superhero status might affect a person, or in this case Cow Headed mutant, and the results tend to lean towards the unstable.

However, this is not a serious dissection of a well loved and over used genre, it’s a comedy of the highest order written and drawn by someone who obviously has a lot of love for the comics he is making fun of. If you want to know if it’s up your street just ponder on this, in this world the two Astronauts who land on the moon are call Buzz Owldrin and Seal Armstrong. Curious? Give it a go, have a laugh and marvel at the audacity of Ryan Browne’s jokes and concepts.

Then come back here next month where I will try to explain issue 3 without making reference to The Manhattan Projects or Garth Ennis.


Title: God Hates Astronauts

Publisher: Image Comics

Write/Artist: Ryan Browne

Colourist: Jordan Boyd

Lettering: Chris Crank

Hirer of the Nannies: Time Giraffe




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