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Howtoons [Re]ignition #1 – Comic Review

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Would you know what to do if you lived in a post apocalyptic world? Yes, we’ve all seen The Walking Dead so we know to nurture our paranoia, grab a van load of weapons and blast away at any other survivors that we might meet because they are bound to want our food. But what about actual day to day surviving? Do you know how to make a torch out of a toilet roll, electrical tape and 2D batteries? I do now thanks to Howtoons [Re]ignition.

The story follows two children who hide out with their scientist parents in a special bunker when the stupid adults of the world decide to dump a pile of nuclear bombs into a volcano for the good of the world. Obviously it doesn’t go so well and, Ka-Boom: no more stupid adults, or in fact much else.

The inbuilt computer system N.A.N.N.I. wakes up Celine to warn her that the bunker is losing power fast. She asks after her parents but is told that they left a week ago and have not returned. She wakes her brother, Tuck, and together they leave the bunker on a mission to find their parents.

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This comic is wonderful. The story is playful and entertaining; it’s educational and fun and is aimed at children and parents alike. The opening few pages gives you a history of the world and explanations about energy transfers (which is a theme for this comic) which then leads into the story where the stupid adults, or rather the Power Company bosses and government lackeys, are brilliantly satirised.

The two leads, Celine and Tuck, are proper children, running around enjoying themselves, making use of what they have around them.  These are kids to look up to and any children reading this comic will be fuelled by the ideas of invention on display. Inside this issue you are shown how to make a set of plastic goggles, a pipe marshmallow shooter and the battery I referred to earlier.

Tom Fowler’s art work is energetic and full of life. He draws the children with such passion that they almost leap from the pages into your home. It’s not difficult to image the two characters running around their home tearing everything to pieces and putting it all back together again, all in the name of invention. And the vibrant colours are by Jordie Bellaire, so what more can you want?

This is one of those all ages comics that really works for all ages. The ‘education’ element isn’t too forced or childish and the ‘serious adult’ themes seamlessly blend into the narrative. I totally enjoyed this comic  and can’t wait for the further adventures next month. In the meantime, I’ll start to hoard my empty plastic bottles and toilet rolls.


Title: Howtoons [Re]ignition

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Fred Van Lente

Artist: Tom Fowler

Colourist: Jordie Bellaire



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