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Intersect #3 – Review

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Kid and Jason/Alison venture into the sewers of the city, on the run from the man/dog beast that is Lucky.

The transformations appear to be reaching some sort of climax, with Kid almost total emerged and Jason/Alison looking exactly like whichever one of them has current manifested. This leads to the revelation that Alison is Kid’s dead sister, or at least looks exactly like her. However Kid has already lost too much of his grip on reality to react to this revelation and the spiralling images of the sewer tunnels reflect his fractured state of mind.

An encounter with a prophetic spider like lady panics Kid and he lashes out in fear. Unfortunately he is holding a hand gun at the time and the resulting death is the straw that breaks the Kid’s back. He can no longer deal with the crazy world and allows himself to sink into the depths of the sewer, all the while Alison is trying, unsuccessfully, to bring him back from the brink.

Intersect03 insert

A good part of the narrative is easy to follow in this issue which is more than can be said for last month’s. But it’s not a pleasant read as you witness the slow demise of one characters sanity in the twisted, unfathomable world Fawkes has created.

The illustration is of the same standard as previously and has a very unique look and feel. However, most of the story element is also still a jumble and unclear. Each issue leads on from the last and each leaks snippets of information relating to the people and world of Intersect but it’s very difficult to follow from page to page. The speech and narration are wonderfully written poems but don’t always appear to relate to anything else that’s going on. There are moments when I want to tear the pages apart and rearrange them like a jigsaw to create a more natural narrative flow.

What Fawkes has produced is a beautifully illustrated poetic ramble that is bewildering to read at times. Certain sections read just fine but the linking elements are confusing. This does help to give the comic a horrific feel: as a reader you have no control and little understanding about what’s happening, as if you are a victim of the metamorphosis that has infected this city. But this is not always enough to keep your interest and too quickly the narrative style can switch you off so that you no longer care.

I’ll be honest, I’m reading this comic for the art work not the story but I am still hopeful that there will come a moment where it will all fit together and make perfect sense. I will then be able to stick the pages back together safe in the knowledge they hadn’t been printed in the wrong order.


Title: Intersect

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer/Artist: Ray Fawkes



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