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Intersect #4 Review

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“I could never leave you. I would die.” says Jason to Alison before they become merged as one in an ever mutating body and a little of the characters back story is finally revealed.

In the sewers beneath the city, Alison desperately searches for Kid, scared of having to travel this distorted world by herself. When she is confronted by Lucky, the mutated Man/Dog, memories of her past are driven to the surface. Her relationship with Jason was not the best: there was a distance growing between them and they were drifting apart but their desire to be together was still strong. This goes some way to explaining their current situation, inhabiting the same body and each a little afraid of the other.

Intersect #4 interior art 1

Outside of these flashbacks it’s difficult to discern what is going on. There is a dream like stream of consciousness involving sewer tunnels, blood thirsty birds and a slowly disrobing woman. There is a watercolour sheen to this comic that enhances the mysterious ethereal artwork but muddies the narrative flow. It’s like a drug fuelled dream that Jim Morrison would sing about to the bewilderment of a sober audience.

You know when a bunch of people rave about a book or film and when you read/watch it you just don’t get it, as if you’re missing something important that everyone else can see? That’s what it’s like reading this comic, I feel as though I’m missing something but also that in some way it’s my fault. After all the art work has a sublime beauty and Fawkes did a fairly good job writing Constantine so I feel that this comic should be working for me. But it’s not.

Intersect #4 interior art 2

I love the artwork, in fact I love Fawkes artwork in general (check out his website here). I have stated before that the reason I am continuing to read this comic is purely for the art. But I wish that I could get to grips with the narrative. I wonder if there is anyone else out there reading this and understanding it better than I am.

Although the sales figures are dropping off, there was nearly 7,500 distributed for issue 2 and this figure had dropped to just under 5,500 for issue 3, it still seems to be reaching a respectably large number of people. However it is difficult to recommend this comic to people because it’s not an easy read and will only appeal to a very small market. If you want a challenge then pick it up and give it a go but unfortunately my appreciation of the Art will only let me continue reading this for a short while longer .


Title: Intersect

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer/Artist: Ray Fawkes



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