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Intersect #6 Review

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Murder/suicide and rather baffling but horrific violence is the name of the game in the final part of the first arc of Intersect.

This comic has had its ups and downs over the last 6 issues with the art leading the way and, at points being the only reason to be reading. However, Ray Fawkes ends his first act on a high note and it turns out the story was all about character development.

The tragic story of Jason and Alison comes to a conclusion as their violent past catches up with them and collides with the violence of the present. Alison (or possibly Jason) recalls their relationship and how their love becomes eclipsed by the secrets in their lives. All of this leads to the cemetery where, beneath the tree, an act of desperation leads to one death and the guilt leads to another.

Intersect 6 insert 1

While this reminiscing is happening the Spider-lady attacks Alison/Jason, threatening and pounding upon the gender morphing character. Just as all seems lost Lucky, the dog headed boy, makes another appearance and tears, literally, into the spider-lady, ripping into her and coating the cemetery hill with blood. This leaves Alison to escape but a gunshot seems to stop this and finally Lady Death appears.

Okay, to start with the Art. If you’ve read any previous issues (or in deed reviews) you will by now know what to expect. There is a lot of white space which adds to the horror element of the narrative because so much white space is uncomfortable. It’s not something that readers are used to and is very challenging for the comic format. The images that fill some of that space are beautifully rendered in watercolour washes and occasionally etched with black ink.

Intersect 6 insert 2

The narrative this month becomes even more convoluted than in previous months. It becomes difficult to separate the past and present lives of Alison and Jason: as the panels bleed into each other so does the story. It has the element of horror that I’ve mentioned previously but the resolution is so difficult to follow that the ending doesn’t feel like an end.

It is almost like a bad dream that makes less sense the more you try to think about it. On the one hand the story requires your full attention and yet the more you concentrate on it the harder it becomes to understand. I have enjoyed reading this first arc of Intersect but I haven’t always been able to follow the narrative and this is as true for the finale as for the rest of the story.


Title: Intersect

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer/Artist: Ray Fawkes



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