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Jaegir: US one Shot

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Jaegir is about Kapitan-Inspector Atalia Jaegir, a female war-crimes investigator in future fascist state that is part of the same universe as the classic 2000 AD character, Rogue Trooper.   Created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons, Rogue Trooper is one of the most consistently popular characters 2000 AD has ever published, but with Jaegir Rennie has given a masterclass in how to reinvigorate an old series with a fresh perspective. Whereas Rogue Trooper focuses on the southern side of the war, this series focuses on a scarred war veteran Jaegir of the Nordland State Security Police as she hunts down escaped war criminals and roots out corruption.

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2000AD proves once again it’s great ability to provide consistent female characters that don’t pander to stereotypes. Atalia is an uncompromising and fearsome female character in a dark series that does not pull any punches.   The creation of Rogue Trooper was to combat the lethal atmosphere of Nu-Earth, a planet designed to hold a war between the two factions. In this one-shot Atalia is tasked with tracking down the Strogoli, a mutated group of Nordland soldiers who were supposed to be their factions versions of ‘Rogue.’ Instead of becoming this they are tainted with a genetic curse which causes them to mutate into zombie like killers. Unfortunately they then try to kill their families to stop any further mutation. (I did say it doesn’t pull any punches.)   Faced with protecting the family of an old lover, Atalia withdraws to her family estate and prepares for an inevitable showdown. Brutal, bloody and brilliant this one shot draws you in to a hard world that we’ve already seen but brilliantly plays it from a different angle. More please.

jaegir US digital (dragged)

This one-shot came out on Wednesday 27th August and is written by Gordon Rennie (Department of Monsterology), drawn by Simon Coleby (The Royals), coloured by Len O’Grady, and lettered by Simon Bowland.   The critical response, and the sales, of our US-format books is proving there’s a real appetite for 2000 AD in alternative formats and, with Brass Sun and the forthcoming DREDD: Uprise series, we’re really hoping this new one-shot continues our penetration of the market with home-grown stories and talent.

jaegir US digital (dragged)

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