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Low #1 – Comic Review

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In the distant future the Human Race has retreated to the depths of the oceans to escape the ever increasing surface temperature of the Earth.  Within the Dome of Salus the Cain family have a responsibility to protect the millions of inhabitants using the last remaining Helm, an underwater tech suit that operates based on DNA coding.

Husband and wife team, Johl and Stel, rise from their night of passion and discuss the possible future for the people of the Dome. Johl is adamant that salvation lies within the mythical third city while Stel’s monitoring of satellites and space probes leads her to believe that they must find another planet to inhabit. The discussion almost turns to argument when Johl says his starting to train their young daughters to use the Helm. Stel thinks they are too young but both of the girls are eager to learn so, as a family, they head out of the city, into the ocean to train.

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While hunting a mammoth, a giant squid like creature, they are led into a trap set by some outsiders with the intension of stealing the Helm from the Cain family. What happens next leaves the family separated and devastated.

The concept for the story is very interesting with the underwater city and the DNA operated Helm. Not much is explained about why there is only one remaining suit or why the Cain family are the only ones who can operate the equipment. It does seem odd that city of millions relies on one, small family for protection but maybe that’s something that will be explained later.

Rick Remender’s script is very information heavy; most of the speech in this issue seems to be telling the reader something important about the world the Cain family live in. This feels unnatural at times, as if Remender wants to get all of the ‘world building’ out of the way near the beginning of his story instead of letting the reader slowly become immersed in the world over several issues. The over all plot is a touch predictable but there are moments of family bonding and unexpected violence that stop it falling into the realms of tedium.

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The art work by Greg Tocchini is also hit and miss. The opening scene is a magnificent piece of underwater drama with exciting motion capture and an interestingly designed deep sea suit. However when the action moves into the city there is some inconsistency in the figure work and at times it’s difficult to tell the difference between some of the characters. I also have some issue with the scene of Johl and Stel where they are discussing their ‘world’. As both of the characters are naked for most of the scene, Tocchini seems to use every possible trick in the book to cover up anything that may be offensive however there is surely no need to do this. I think that if the creators are committed to having a long post coital scene  then they shouldn’t shy away from showing the lovers entire bodies, why be coy? And if they don’t want to have that element in their comic then why not set the scene slightly later? They wouldn’t need to change any of the conversation so nothing would be lost, just thrown a few dressing gowns over them.

Over all this is an enjoyable comic, especially if you can see passed the forced info dumps and occasionally dodgy figure work. The world in which it is set is interesting enough for the reader to come back for more, plus, the cover is really beautiful.



Title: Low

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Greg Tocchini



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