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Madame Frankenstein #2 – Comic Review

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Madame Frankenstein tells the story of a young medical genius who resurrects his true love and tries to preserve her as she once was. However he is faced with many obstacles: some in the form of tissue rejection and the need to replace Gail’s failing limbs, and others of a human nature.

This second issue focuses on a rivalry between Vincent and Henry that stems from something that occurred between their fathers during the war. There is a tension between them and any friendship they may have had has broken down. The confrontation between these two characters is juxtaposed with the relation Vincent has with Gail as he nurtures her and teaches her how to behave. There is something uncomfortable about this relationship and it’s not clear if Vincent wants what is best for his ‘creature’.

MadameFrankenstein page insert

Vincent’s character is the main problem with this issue. He is not likable at all and, unlike the lead character in the Frankenstein novel, there aren’t any good intentions on show. He hasn’t resurrected his girlfriend to expand scientific knowledge; he just wants a woman he can mould into his perfect lady. He is arrogant and cruel which is fine, except there isn’t any balance in the story. I assume at some point the narrative will shift focus away from Vincent and onto his creation and then there will be the contrast of character that is lacking from this issue.

The art work is well presented with smooth lines and finishes. Gail is drawn very round and Vincent is very angular, producing the contrast lacking in the narration. But at times it feels just a little bit too neat, especially for a story about grave robbing and reanimated corpses. It has a clinical look that is more suited to science fiction stories about perfect new worlds and not the grisly aesthetic that this story needs.

It is in essence a Victorian style soap opera with very static set pieces and conversation heavy scenes. I could imagine this as a BBC drama series from the late 80’s. There is a definite potential for the story, once it has found its feet, but at the moment it is dragging itself through the mud.

A little bit Gothic-y

Title: Madam Frankenstein

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Jamie S Rich

Artist: Megan Levens



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