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Madame Frankenstein #3 – Comic Review

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“Charlatans and degenerates either find religion or they keep working until Hell beckons them home.”

Henry turns up to apologise to Vincent merely as an excuse to get into his home and attempt to find out what the young scientist is working on. This encounter results in a flashback which shows how Vincent became adopted by Henry’s father and the jealous bullying that began because of it. Henry was, and is, a spoilt child who resents someone from the lower class having the same opportunities as himself. He takes every chance he gets to show Henry up or threaten him with his position, “Don’t ever forget your place. If you do I’ll be there to remind you” he spits at the young Henry.

The only one who seems to see through Henry’s bravado to his deeply imbedded insecurities is Courtney Bow, the girl who saw fairies, but she is your typical socialite flake and is only interested in who will get her the next drink.

Madame Frankenstein insert

As this comic continues a strange and awkward love story is beginning to unfolded. The young Vincent is obsessed with the beauty of Courtney and it’s his undying love for her that ultimately leads to her resurrection. But there is something creepy about his affection, especially as she barely registers his existence. There is one moment during this issue where you would think that any affection Vincent has for Courtney would evaporate because she is as cold and harsh with him as Henry is. But there must be more history to unfurl.

Jamie Rich has fashioned an entertaining script around a pretty ordinary story. Unfortunately none of the characters particularly shine or live up to the possibilities set up in previous issues. The back story, with its class struggle awkwardness and love triangle possibilities, is nothing special and doesn’t advance the overall narrative very far.

The characters are well drawn but the stark black and white is like the main narrative in that it feels as though there is something lacking. It’s not until the final page that there is any tension and finally the sense of malice and fear that the story suggests that there should be.

This issue is a little disappointing but there is still the sense that Rich and Levens have a good story to tell. I think if this was the first issue you picked up then you wouldn’t bother with issue 4 but if you’ve been reading from the start it’s still worth continuing to read. At the moment this title is lacking the emotional horror of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein but the potential is there.


Title: Madame Frankenstein

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Jamie S Rich

Artist: Megan Levens



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